The Black Horse- Famine

The black horse in Revelation 6:5-6 represents famine, which can have a number of causes. Regional hunger can be caused by drought, flood, war, pestilence and/or economics. Global hunger is usually a combination of all the above along with supply chain issues and governmental controls. Famine usually follows pestilence and war.

Few people grow any of their own food these days, especially in the “more developed” countries. What percentage of the US population are farmers? While farmland may stretch far and wide, farmers and ranchers themselves make up just 1.3% of the employed US population, totaling around 2.6 million people. What percent of the US population lives on a farm or ranch? Farm and ranch families comprise less than 2% of the U.S. population.

Our president (?) has already issued a warning of food shortages. (March 25, 2022)

There are global projections as well.

The white horse began its ride the spring of 2020 and has done a pretty good job going about conquering and to conquer. Hooked on covid fear and vaccine yet? Then it was joined by the red horse in the spring of 2021 and has so far taken peace from Ukraine by the hands of Russia in the land of Magog. Wonder when China (Gog) will make its move on Taiwan? Homicides have increased to record levels in major U.S. cities during 2021. Now, just a week into spring, the black horse has joined them. Now there are three riding together. (See Missing Links – Appendix IV in main menu.)

It appears that the white horse’s rider has milked the covid cow for all it can squeeze out. (Scroll back through archives.) It was mentioned in one blog that its rider had more pestilences in its saddle bag. While watching TND news this morning, it was reported that a bird flew had broken out and millions of chickens and turkeys are being killed to stop the spread. After binging the topic, this outbreak began back in January. Seems the white horse is helping the black horse out in the poultry industry. Major price increases in poultry are pretty much a guarantee on top of everything else going up.

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia and the sanctions placed on Russia is another contributing cause to upcoming food shortages. 30% of our nitrogen and potash were imported from Russia. Nitrogen is made from natural gas. Why aren’t we pumping it and making nitrogen? Now there is a fertilizer shortage for farmers. Potash is an important element for growing potatoes. There was a potato shortage in 2021 before the sanctions. The stage has been set for potatoes. [Planed me a 170-foot row in my garden last week!]

In the passage from Revelation 6:6, the term “penny” was used for the cost of a measure of wheat, which is about a quart, which would make a good loaf of bread. Barley is three! Globally, 70% of barley production is used as animal fodder. 

What is a penny? In the first century AD – a day’s wage! penny – G1220 – δηνάριονa – denarius (or ten asses) Derivation: of Latin origin; KJV Usage: pence, penny(-worth). {Wasn’t sure what “(or ten asses)” was, so looked in my 1975 Funk and Wagnall’s Standard English Dictionary – International Edition. Was pretty sure that Strong’s was not referring to a domestic farm animal! > “asses – 1. To charge with a tax, fine, or other payment. 2. To determine the amount of, a tax or other fine on a person or property, for taxation. See synonyms under tax.” [Well now, doesn’t that make the persons or organizations doing the assessing of fines for things like seatbelt tickets and property for taxation that puts one deeper in a financial hole an assess-hole?]

During New Testament times, a denarius (translated penny &pennyworth) was a day’s wage for laborers. (Mt. 20:2,9,10,13, 22:19, Mk. 12:15, Lk. 20:24, Rev.6:6, Mk. 6:37, Jn. 6:7) A Denarius was also 16 Copper Coins, 64 Quadrans or 128 Mites in smaller coinage.

As of now, a gallon of gas is as much or more than a good loaf of bread and twice as much as the lighter types of bread. Will a loaf of bread get as high as a day’s wage for a laborer? A good loaf of multi-grain bread is already 1/3rd of Biden’s minimum hourly wage. This year’s wheat harvest is not yet in, and its expectations aren’t good.

China seems to have been getting prepared. Has the U.S.? Russia and China have been working unilaterally. Let’s hope and pray that US commodity market investors don’t sell off our futures on reserve to the highest foreign bidder just to make a huge profit.

Stay strong and keep the faith.


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