Red Horse Looks Toward Picking Up Speed

While the red horse goes about taking peace from the earth, it’s looking forward while setting up for a major thrust down a stretch as it rounds one corner of the world and heads to another. There seems to be an all too familiar pattern in its stride. During WW II, the US and Russia were allies against Hitler, then after it ended with the second atomic bomb being dropped on Nagasaki, Japan, Russia (The Former USSR with Ukraine as its #2 State) and the USA were enemies in a cold war that got rather warm during the Cuban Crises while JFK was president. Then later (skipping Vietnam), Ronald Reagan called them an “Evil Empire” and broke them in the supposedly ending arms race.

The past few days some interesting developments have taken place. There is a strange Russian ship of the Coast of Pearl Harbor. “They’re not just watching the ship they’re watching everything might be connected to and getting some real detail on what it’s doing, why it might be there, who they’re reporting to,” Kempfer added. “All these things go into a fusion process, an analytical process if you will that tells us is this a threat or is it not a threat.” Notice the term “fusion process”? That’s nuclear thinking.

Further west of Pearl is Japan (who occupied China during WW II) with a Chinese Carrier Task Force off the coast of Nagasaki. “The largest Chinese aircraft carrier group reportedly ever assembled is conducting combat training near a U.S. naval base in Japan, according to multiple Chinese media sources on Tuesday.” Hope them “nuclear fusion thinkers” know their history!

History has a way of repeating itself. Like the remaking of a classic movie, the theme (global dominance) is the same, maybe with a new twist, but the characters have changed, and their rolls shifted around a bit. Same director this time; as well as the same producer who has total control and has guaranteed the predetermined outcome from the beginning in this World War trilogy at the end of Part III.

Meanwhile of the eastern front, Ukraine is getting supplied with much US military aid like Russia did during WW II, billions, but won’t get directly involved in Europe’s war like FDR did in WW II, not until Japan pulled its surprise attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. [Is it only coincident that in 2021 (when Biden took office following a cyber interference by China in the 2020 election) minus 1941 (attack on Pearl Harbor by Japan) is equal to 80 years or 4 (as in horsemen) JST’s? See “Cosmic Clockworks I” and “Missing Links – Appendix IV” in main menu.] Now the good ole friendly and helpful Biden (thanks to Hunter) is now faced with a supply problem. “The U.S. has shipped Stingers to Ukraine’s military, which has used them to shoot down Russian aircraft. But there’s only a finite supply as Raytheon has not made Stinger missiles for the U.S. military in nearly two decades.” It ain’t the supply chain this time, it’s the supply!

As China (Gog) is strengthening its ties with Iran (Persia), Russia keeps pounding Ukraine while it warns the US and NATO that Part III of our not so little WW Trilogy is about to come out. They even put out a trailer this past weekend.

Meanwhile Biden is laying down the USA’s newest undeveloped tactical weapons by canceling projects Trump began, especially for the Navy. Seems that LBGT inclusion and CRT are more important to Biden than US nuclear deterrence and capability, which the US has fell behind.

For a preview of how this Trilogy concludes Read Revelation 20:1-6. A Part IV comes after that.

Stay strong in faith!


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