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Saving Daylight

Once upon a time folks complained about not having enough daylight to do daylight type things. By an act of Congress came “Daylight Savings time”. It was an inconvenience for some folks, remembering to move their clocks forward and backward an hour just to get 60 minutes extra daylight to do those daylight things. Wouldn’t it have been much simpler if folks just adjusted their own schedules to get those extra daylight minutes?

It didn’t seem to bother the Farmer family that woke up each morning with the chickens and worked until sunset when the chickens went back into the chicken house. You see, the Rooster was the clock. He would crow about 30 minutes before sunrise for the first call to wake up. Mr. Farmer and Mrs. Farmer would get up, give each other a hug and a kiss, then she would make the coffee and scramble some eggs and make toast. Mr. Farmer would wake the kids and tell them to get ready for school, then put on his coveralls over his long johns yawning while stretching his weary limbs and cracking joints from the night’s sleep while telling the kids one last time to get up. Then the Rooster would crow about 15 minutes later and the Farmer family would set and eat breakfast. After breakfast, the kids would head to the bus stop, Mrs. Farmer would start cleaning up after breakfast and Mr. Farmer would stand on the front porch ready to get to work as the Rooster crowed the third time as the sun was shedding its daylight.

Then some psychologists determined after many years, that this springing forward and falling back was the cause of a lot of mental stress. Then the Congress in the mist of much, much more problematic issues decided to pass the “Sunshine Act”. No more springing forward and no more falling back year after year. No more mental stress?

Meanwhile, as the Farmer Family relaxes and watch an old movie classic “Gone With The Wind” before retiring for the night, and the hens are asleep in the henhouse with the Rooster alarm ready to sound a new day, they all say: “Frankly my dear (Congress), we don’t give a damn!”


If one wants the maximum daylight possible on our planet earth, just move your butts up from the southern hemisphere or down from the northern hemisphere to the equator where daylight and night are equal.



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    I loved this !

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