A three Horse Update – 5/9/22

The White Horse – Pestilence

As variant omicron subvariant BA.2.12.1 is causing another spike in covid cases, the white horse rider has also teamed up with the black horse and now the poultry industry in experiencing an outbreak of the H1N1 bird flu virus. Millions of chickens, both egg and meat production, along with millions of turkeys are being destroyed. (H1N1 and SARS-CoV-2 have many common factors.) Guess one could say that health and diet are liking a little gray. Will there be a turkey on your table this Thanksgiving? If available, it will be expensive!

The Red Horse – Violence

As the War between Russia and Ukraine grinds on creating misery for millions with the Billions of military aid that gets more advanced with each package, Biden and Nato are walking a thin red line amidst the nuclear threats of Putin. But the red horse represents more than just war between nations!

From the article above: First-year Democratic mayor Ed Gainey, who ran on racial equity and reallocating police resources while avoiding the term “defunding,” is nowhere to be seen, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette editorial board, “even when the city most needed to see and hear him.”

When liberal ideas are enacted, there are consequences! (See “A Sabbath Message 11/27/21 – Liberalism” in the main menu.)

Another issue is going violent – abortion! This time it is the liberals who are mad as hell at the conservatives. Will pro-abortionists be the starters of a second Civil War? State rights was a misconception of Democrats in the first as the so-called “right to abortion” is an issue that most definitely belongs to the state under the 10th amendment. It is liberals that want to have their cake and eat it to. For every action there is a reaction. If the reaction is getting pregnant, do not do the action that gets you that way. It’s the safest contraception there is. There is only sex that can get pregnant and if your body, which you do have a right over, is your choice, choose not the action that gets the reaction. Liberals seem to forget the other “R” word in making a choice – RESPONSIBILITY. If one does not want to have a child at all – get fixed!

Will the USA see another Civil War? We had two wars against the British (The Revolution of 1776 and War of 1812). We have fought two wars with the British. (World War I & II) Things so far seem to come in twos. There was Iraq I & II. There were two major embarrassments for the USA. (Vietnam and Afghanistan. (See “Twice in a Lifetime” in the Archives”.)

The Black Horse – Famine

Just coming out this spring and joining the other two, it is only getting started. Since posting “A Black Horse Preview” 5/4/22, there’s now much to report other than we’ve seen nothing yet. There is a shortage of truckers which affects the supply chain. We’ve seen that already and it may get worst. The supply chain disruptions are taking a toll on the most precious in society, infants and their mothers. [Mothers may have to return to the old fashion way!] Shipping prices are skyrocketing and even mail order on items is more expensive. Online catalogs have a growing number of “out of stock” items. Spring has only begun with diesel and fertilizer increases and farmers are more the concerned. The growing season has begun, and the forces of nature lie ahead.


See “Missing Links – Appendix IV”. The pale horse will join the other three next spring. The best way to keep a watch for its arrival is when the world’s population clock begins to go backwards. It is possible that it may be tampered with. The death rate has already exceeded the birth rate in the US. However, the population is increasing due to the situation at the southern border!

Stay strong and keep faith.



  1. Lia Storm says:

    So many cannot discern the signs of the times right before our eyes. “Stay strong and keep the faith”. I tell my grown children this very thing every chance I get.

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