A Sign from the Past the Reality of Today

A Sign in the Design

Back in Spring of 1999, I got my first new twenty-dollar bill and its “new design”. This was during the Clinton Administration when he pointed his finger at all of America and the world on the national/global mainstream news the year before (1998) and said, “I did not have relations with that woman!”. [Liar, liar, pants on fire!] He was impeached for perjury on the written affidavit and the democrat-controlled Senate acquitted him in 1999. Twenty years (1 JST) later, flip-flop-2019, the reverse happened. (See “Cosmic Clockworks 1” in the main menu.)

It was a sign then and ever more so now! From the article below: “Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi claim to be practicing Catholics, yet they and their fellow leftists have worked unrelentingly to drive God out of America’s schools, government and public square. When Pelosi stands at the speaker’s rostrum, a sign above her reads, “In God We Trust.” With Biden as president, Pelosi as speaker and Democrats in control of Congress, that sign should read, “In Government We Trust.” (See “Can Money Talk?” in the second part of “Missing Links – Chapter X” in the main menu.)

Just as people put their trust in white cotton cloak wearing Big Pharma and its sponsoring individuals with serpents wreathed around a staff with wings as badges of authority, so do they with politicians wearing white cotton shirts, multi-colored ties and evil smiles.

The second part at the end on Missing Links Chapter X “Delusions and Illusions” is the part called “Can Money Talk”. Most folks thought I was “delusional” back then as I was saying, “America is domed”. Well, looks as if I wasn’t so “delusional” after all! Look up the definition of “Hypocrits”. (See also “A Sabbath Message 11/27/21 – Liberalism.)

Come out of Babylon (confused liberalism) for her judgement is near!



  1. Chuck says:

    I trust the word of God to be the truth, everything else not so much.


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