After a thorough washing, affix to solar dryer until dry, conserving electric energy to reduce carbon blueprint. If still thinking for self, repeat, and thoroughly dry until dehydrated into a Rasin.

From article below: Brainwashing is really lying on an industrial scale. It is carried out by people we don’t know and who don’t know us personally. So, for brainwashing to be effective, it requires people with little discernment listening to people they don’t know, have no reason to trust, and then accepting what they hear and see as absolutely true and accurate – even more true and accurate than what they might have arrived at if they had thought it through.

Just offhand, one would think it would be hard to find very many people like that. But life tells us otherwise, doesn’t it? America is filled with a lot of lazy thinkers, who would rather let somebody else do the job for them. They don’t know what they believe because they don’t know who they are. All they care about is holding a popular opinion. Thinking frightens them, because they don’t know where it will lead them; they might even wander off the thought reservation and be ridiculed by others.

There are many people brainwashed into only one way of thinking. Consequences make no difference as long as the brainwashed reacts to the brainwasher’s will, whether it’s 2 + 2 = 5 or 1 + 1 = 3, just repeat what the brainwasher’s will is and repeat, repeat, repeat.

Well, you can turn a grape into a Rasin fairly easy, but it is awful difficult to rehydrate a Rasin.


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