A Christian Heritage

We celebrate Thanksgiving every year to commemorate the surviving of the first winter after the arrival of the pilgrims on Plymouth Rock in 1620. [This year in 2022 there might not be much to be thankful for, except those of true faith. (Rom. 1:17-19) See “missing Links – Appendix IV in main menu.] 1620 was 20 JST’s (400 years) before 2020. (See “Cosmic Clockworks I” in the main menu.) It was also one half of an 800-year Epoch or 400 years before 2020. (See “The beginning of the Seventh Epoch – Kingdom Come” in the main menu.) It is the latter days, a day the music has died. (Is. 24:16-19)

Our true historical heritage isn’t taught in public schools anymore nor is our Constitution truthfully taught in civic classes. Cancel culture has “woked (brainwashed)” the X<Y<Z generations into a planet of once upon a time apes evolving into what’s between their ears takes precedence over what’s between their legs, and if one doesn’t like what is between their legs, they can change it without parental knowledge or consent – walking zombies with Rasins for brains. We now have total gender chaos! (See “What Is One’s Sex – Biology or Psychology?” in the main menu.) Some have even identified themselves as cats and dogs. [Transspecies?] Men marry men and women marry women while God’s intended marriage is riddled with divorce. Some women claim the right to choose to murder their own children, even after exiting the womb. (See “Brainwashed!” posted yesterday.)

The Bible, posting the ten commandment and school prayer has been banned from public schools and replaced with Gender Queer and LBGT+ indoctrination. (I was able to take Bible Classes in public High School as electives in 1970 & 1971.) God has been expelled from public schools and even some churches. There are even people that say, “God is only Dog spelled backwards.” No wonder the Lord is soon to return in all his wrath with two thirds being cut off to die while the remaining third will be brought through the fire of his wrath. (Zech. 13:7-9, Is. 48:9–11, Rev. 16, Matt24:22, Rev. 20:4-6)

After the children of Israel came out of Egypt, they were withheld 40 years (2 JST’s) from entering the promise land due to their forefather’s rebellion against their God. Once there, they were to be one nation under God, a nation of laws, God’s law, and upheld by appointed (elected) judges, of which some were corrupt. By the end of the era in the book of Judges, there was total anarchy. Then they wanted to be like other nations and have a king. The Lord allowed it and the rest is history.

Our nation desired to be a nation under law without a king and set up a Constitutional Republic founded on a Christian Heritage that cancel culture today has all but obliterated. The nation has taken God out of its banner, raised its flag above God and its staff has divided “In God” from “We Trust”. The following documentary is an excellent historical account of what many in this nation has forsaken and wants to erase.




Has the great experiment failed? We do need a King and soon will have one. A just and righteous King. The King of Kings and Lord of Lords. (Rev. 19:15-16)

Come out of Babylon for her judgement is near!


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