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The Gospel of Wokeness

For those who don’t understand how the USA is the descendant birthright nation that was promised to Joseph’s elder son, Manasseh, the following is from Missing Links – Chapter VI – Timeline Prophecies of the Bible:

The Seven Times Prophecy

This prophecy is found in Leviticus 26 and the seven times are mentioned four times. (Lev. 26:18, 21, 24, 28) There are seven churches, seals, trumpets, and plagues in Revelation. [Lev. 7777 to Rev. 7777] Leviticus 26 discusses the promise of blessings for the children of Israel if they keep the commandments of God and walk in his statutes. The Lord warned them of the withholding of blessings and the terror and sorrow they would experience if they would not keep all his commandments. The seven times is a period that the promise of blessings would be withheld as well as the intensity of judgments for their disobedience. The blessings and promises given to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and then passed to his sons were also a prophecy for their future generations. The two key aspects became separate covenants: the national birthright blessing of prosperity to the two sons of Joseph, and the sceptre promise that included sovereign kingship over the Promised Land to Judah. (Genesis 48-49)

The blessings and promises began with Abraham in Genesis 12, and then passed on to Isaac, then Jacob, then Judah and the two sons of Joseph. The national prosperity birthright blessings were passed to Ephraim and Manasseh, the two sons of Joseph. Both lads were given Israel’s name. Jacob adopted them as if his own. Ephraim would become a multitude of nations and was set before his older brother, Manasseh, who would become a separate great nation. Together, they would become the stone (builder) and the glory (magnificence) of Israel. (Gen. 49:24; Duet. 33:17) The sceptre promise shall not depart from Judah. (Gen. 49:10) Genesis 49:1-28 is a prophecy for all the children of Israel as to what form of nationality their descendants would become in the latter days.

From Lev. 26, you follow the history of Israel to the time of King Solomon when he sinned and turned from the Lord. The Prophet Ahijah tells Jeroboam that God will take the kingdom out of the hand of Solomon and give him ten of the tribes. (1 Kings 11:29-32) The Kingdom of Israel became two separate nations, kingdoms, or houses. The sins of Solomon, his death, and the division of the kingdom are found in 1 Kings 11 and 12. From this point you follow the histories of the northern and southern kingdoms in the remainder of the Kings and Chronicles, as well as Ezra and the other Prophets.

The northern kingdom (House of Israel) turned away from God, and their nation was destroyed in 722 BC. The remaining people of the ten northern tribes were taken captive by the King of Assyria into the land of Assyria. (2 Kings 17) In 609 BC Assyria was defeated and divided by Nabolpolassar, King of Babylon. Many Assyrians and most if not all the remnant of the northern ten tribes fled, thus beginning their migrations northward and westward. The descendants of Ephraim and Manasseh with their national birthright were among them. They became known as The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel.

Whether deserved or not, God keeps all his promises! They were made to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Israel). Ephraim did not become a company of nations and Manasseh did not become a separate great nation in the Old Testament Bible. These promises were withheld for seven times or 2520 years. [360 × 7 = 2520] and [2520 yrs − 722 BC = 1798 AD] England continued expanding its global colonization. The British Commonwealth is a company of nations. The United States had recently won its independence from its younger brother and established its Constitutional Republic. Eli Whitney had just invented mass production and Robert Fulton the steam engine. The industrial revolution was well underway.

{Not in book: In 1798, British explorer George Bass circumnavigated Tasmania (Van Diemen’s Land).}

When reading the books of prophecy in the Bible, the House of Israel refers to the United States, Great Britain, and the other eight lost tribes. The House of Joseph refers to the United States and Great Britain. (Amos 5:6,15, 6:6; Obad. 18; Zech. 10:6; Ezek. 37:16,19, 47:13; Ps. 80) The other eight lost tribes of Israel are: Reuben – Netherlands, Simeon with Levi – Spain with Portugal, Gad – Finland, Zebulun – Norway, Issachar – Sweden, Asher – Belgium, Naphtali – France, and Dan – Denmark. (Gen. 49; Deut. 33) Benjamin is a part of The House of Judah. (1 Kings 12:2124) Out of the lost ten tribes, only the United States has not joined the European Union. Will the US lose its superpower status to the EU? Could the Euro replace the dollar as the global dominate currency? A numerical significance in prophecy is linking the lost ten tribes to the ten toes, horns, and ten kingdoms with the breaking of the Ten Commandments. (Dan. 2 & 7; Rev. 13 & 17) [10 + 10 + 10 + 10 = 40, which will prove to be another significant number in scripture.]

The southern kingdom (House of Judah) also turned from God and was punished for seven times. The Jews did not lose their identity but lost the sovereignty and kingship over their land when King Jehoiachin surrendered to King Nebuchadnezzar (606-562 BC) and was carried away in captivity to Babylon in 598 BC. (2 Kings 24:8-12) This ended the independent Kingdom of Judah and the sovereign control of the land by the Jews. Adding 2520 years to 598 BC we come to 1922 AD. The League of Nations (now United Nations) made Palestine a British Mandate to set up a homeland for the Jews in 1922. It followed the Balfour Declaration of 1917 by Great Britain supporting a Jewish National Homeland. The British were harsh in their implementation of the mandate. The Jews began fighting the Arabs around 1947 and in 1948 the mandate ended. The Jewish leaders proclaimed the State of Israel with David Ben Gurion as their first Prime Minister. [The movie “Cast a Giant Shadow” starring Kirk Douglas and John Wayne was based on this period in history. Douglas played the American Jewish Colonel who went to Israel to help the Israelis. It was a great movie!]

When reading the books of prophecy in the Bible, the House of Judah refers to the StateofIsrael. All Jews are Israelites, but all Israelites are not Jews. All New Yorkers are Americans, but are all Americans New Yorkers? Also, the twelve tribes intermarried among themselves and other nationalities. (Gen. 38; Num. 12; Ruth 1-4; 1Sam. 17:12; Is. 11) [Moses’ wife was Ethiopian. Read the book of Numbers chapter 12.]

The Nations that arose from the descendants of The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel, and the State of Israel did not happen overnight. (Is. 66:8) Neither did the national wealth and prosperity blessings of Ephraim and Manasseh come about in a single day. The State of Israel was in the making over the course of 31 years (1917 − 1948). [In God time that would be 31 yr ÷ 1000 yr × 24 hr/day = .744 hr] The entire House of Israel will be reunited at the return of Jesus Christ. (Ezek. 37:16-22) The flags of the United States, Great Britain, and Israel that are sewn together and burned by angry Arabs are a prelude to the fulfillment of that prophecy. (Ps. 83; Gen. 16:1-12) The United States and Great Britain (Joseph) may succeed in their efforts to get Israel (Judah) to give up the West Bank, Gaza, divide East Jerusalem, and establish a Palestinian State. It was Judah’s idea to not kill but sell Joseph to the Ishmaelite (Arab) traders. Arabs are the descendants of Ishmael. Most Persians (Iranians) are also the descendants of Abraham Is Joseph about to sell out Judah? (Gen. 17:20, 25:1-6, 37:18-28; Is. 3:1-9; Zech. 12:1-6; Luke 21:22; Ezek. 16:53)


During the period of the Judges when All of Israel was supposed to be “One Nation Under God”, they had once again become rebellious doing evil before the Lord. (Judges 6:1) Their substance was being taken by foreigners who came in to destroy it at will, and Israel became greatly improvised for all their evils. (Judges 6:3-10) And the Lord raised up a poor man in the land of Manasseh. (Judges 6:15) His name was Gideon, a Manassite. He separated out the best, for he only needed a few good men according to the Lord, by eliminating those who lapped water like dogs. (Judges 7:4-7)

It seems the opposite with Manasseh (USA) today with its current CIC (Commander Incompetent Chief). His policy seems to be no religious exemptions allowed on the unapproved emergency use only vaccine mandates, CRT class mandates and the all-out inclusion of LBGT and same sex marriage within the ranks. Then there’s the name changing of bases and who knows what will be next in the name of “correctness” to the liberal point of view.

From the article below: That’s according to an editorial in the Denver Gazette, which recently highlighted the fact that the Thunderbirds were providing an aerial demonstration flyover, as they usually do, at the graduation at the U.S. Air Force Academy at Colorado Springs.

It explains that Colorado has created a commission to banish such names from the state. And pointing at that commission, which admittedly “has no authority over the Air Force and its Thunderbirds squadron,” it still notes it remains “easy to see” where the movement is heading.

The editorial explains the lawmaker-approved “Colorado Commission on Indian Affairs,” has been assigned to “prohibit American Indian mascots” in schools across the state.

That entity recently declared 10 Colorado public schools “out of compliance” with its demands – and subject to fines – because “they each use ‘Thunderbirds’ as a mascot,” the editorial said.

“‘Thunderbirds’ is so offensive, such a serious crime, that each school faces a $25,000 fine for each month it fails to comply with dropping the name within a year. That’s $300,000 a year that would not go toward teaching children or paying teachers the money they deserve because of a Thunderbird emblem,” the Gazette editorial team wrote. > The Air Force may have to change its name for these top pilots due to “political correctness”, but what excuse or reason will there be for the Navy’s Blue Angels? Separation of Church and State? Ops! I may have just given them an angle.

Look! Up in the sky. It’s a bird, no, it’s a plane, no, it’s SUPERWOKEMAN!

I thought that wokeness was a result of brainwashing and more of a mental (mind, mental disposition – spirit) problem than a physical biological one. From the article below: Wokeness is a terminal cancer in our armed forces, eroding the foundational bones of its honor-bound institutions and ravaging the core values of generations of America’s front-line fighters. Integrity, honor, personal courage, excellence and commitment to truth have been subjugated to the progressive false gods of diversity, equity and inclusion. Who needs outside threats to our troops when the most lethal saboteurs are embedded inside the bowels of our own Pentagon and service academies?

“Diversity,” of course, is exclusively defined by selective skin color and politically correct pronouns. “Equity” is a farce if you are white, male, Christian and patriotic. “Inclusion” is a grand illusion. Nowhere are these toxic realities more clearly illustrated than in the American military bureaucracy’s vindictive witch hunt against our best and brightest soldiers, Marines, sailors, airmen and Coasties who have resisted the COVID-19 jab.. “Correct Pronouns“?

Come out of Babylon (Wokeville) for her judgement is near!

Stay strong.



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