Ready or Not, What?

While the country is going through some troublesome times and billions are going to help in a war that could spark WW III of a nuclear kind, our defenses may have been seriously compromised. Other that owning Smithfield Foods, many food processing companies and buying up much farmland while the southern border is being invaded, China now seems to have an edge as well as an eye on our nuclear capability.

Are we really ready?

FBI sources: China could disrupt US nuclear missiles and more all over America says new report

From the article:

For years, Chinese telecommunications companies like Huawei have backed projects to install their equipment near U.S. military installations and critical infrastructure. According to a new report by CNN, federal investigators who have reviewed these projects believe such telecommunications equipment could intercept or even block out critical strategic communications like those used to control the U.S. nuclear arsenal.

Federal officials have been investigating Chinese land purchases near critical defense infrastructure for years. According to multiple current and former officials and FBI agents who spoke with CNN, the equipment sold by Huawei for use in ostensibly civilian projects could also tap into the highly restricted airwaves being used by key U.S. military organizations like the U.S. Strategic Command (STRATCOM), which manages the entire U.S. nuclear arsenal.

“This gets into some of the most sensitive things we do,” one former FBI official told CNN. “It would impact our ability for essentially command and control with the nuclear triad. That goes into the ‘BFD’ category. If it is possible for that to be disrupted, then that is a very bad day.”…

Huawei has been installing its equipment in key U.S. locations since at least the early 2010s. Huawei has secured numerous contracts along stretches of Interstate 25 and traffic corridors that connect parts of Nebraska, Colorado, Montana and Wyoming — an area of the country that is heavily populated with nuclear missile silos.

In late 2011, Huawei signed a contract to provide 3G communications equipment for Viaero — a major communications provider for Colorado, Montana, Nebraska and Wyoming. Just over a decade later, Huawei has installed its equipment on Viaero’s entire fleet of around 1,000 cell towers.

In addition to Huawei’s telecommunications equipment, Viaero has also installed high-definition surveillance cameras on its towers to provide 24/7 live-streamed weather and traffic footage. Investigators told CNN they believe this footage also provided key insights into U.S. military activities in the area. Three sources familiar with the matter said investigations live-streams from these towers were being viewed in China….

In 2017, the Chinese government proposed a $100 million garden at the National Arboretum in D.C. While the project attracted local officials with the prospect of a potential new tourist attraction, investigators told CNN they saw numerous warning signs. A 70-foot tall Pagoda that would have served as a major focal point of the new garden would have been placed at one of the highest vantage points in all of D.C., potentially allowing it to intercept tons of communications. Investigators saw another warning sign about that garden project in the fact that its Chinese backers wanted to ship the parts in diplomatic pouches, which are excluded from inspections by U.S. customs officials.

Federal officials who reviewed the proposed Chinese garden proposal for the National Arboretum ultimately stopped the project before construction could begin.

While the federal government is more aware of these security vulnerabilities, much of the risky Chinese-made telecommunications equipment still needs to be replaced.

The effort to remove and replace Huawei equipment around the country could cost about $4 billion, and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) could only cover a fraction of the costs for the companies impacted.


While billions are being spent in Ukraine to push back the Russians, China with many other countries, including India, are now heading to Russia for the “War Olympics”. Playing war games while doing a real one.

China sending troops and tanks to Russia

From the article:

The Chinese military is sending a delegation of troops and military vehicles to participate in a series of military competitions in Russia next month.

On Tuesday, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) announced its delegation of troops participating in the 2022 International Army Games (IAG) in Russia had departed by train from the Chinese Inner Mongolian city of Manzhouli, on its way to the city of Zabaikalsk in Russia’s southeast. The Chinese delegation left for China along with vehicles for the “Masters of Armored Vehicles” and “Tank Biathlon” competitions.

IAG is an international competition held annually by the Russian military since 2015. IAG 2022 will be held from August 13 to 27 and 275 teams from 37 countries and regions are currently slated to compete. The 36 competitions in the IAG 2022 games will be held in 12 different countries. China will also host three of the IAG 2022 contests, including the “Suvorov Attack” contest for infantry fighting vehicles, the “Safe Route” contest for engineering corps, and the “Sea Cup” contest for frigates.

Iran, India, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Venezuela are also participating in the IAG contests, which have been dubbed the “War Olympics.” According to the Daily Mail, the African countries of Niger and Rwanda will make their debut at the IAG competition this year. Venezuela will also host a sniper competition during this year’s games….


Are our once good relations with India going sour?


Strained US-India relations under pressure over Russia

From the article above:

The Biden administration is walking a tightrope in its relationship with India over New Delhi’s refusal to join the U.S. in its campaign to isolate Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Administration officials this week said they have for months been in a “pitched battle” to convince India, the world’s largest democracy, to join the U.S., European Union and other democratic nations in pushing back against Putin’s authoritarian ambitions. Those efforts have only stepped up since Putin launched an invasion of Ukraine last week.

While the U.S. and India have deepened relations over the past nearly two decades, New Delhi has relied for generations on Moscow’s delivery of military assistance and views Russia as its key ally against China’s attempts at further dominating the region…. 


And now India is joining China and some other countries, mostly on the Asian Continent, to go to Russia and have the “Land of Magog War Games”. At least that’s the rumor!

Make any since?


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