Nancy lands in Taiwan

After yesterdays blog report, “A Double Dog Dare?”, had to stop on something else and jump on this. Looks like a tongue is now stuck to a frozen pole for now. Will it thaw out or will it be ripped off?

Just came in on American Military News:

Reports: Chinese fighter jets headed to Taiwan Strait as Pelosi lands

{Got this out on Facebook, MeWe, Gab, Parler, GETT R and twitter, then the following came in.}

Has Double Dare Nancy raised the ante?

Surely, China hasn’t folded, yet!

Going to be interesting to see this game play out. Thinking Ezekiel 39:1-2.

We shall see!

Update > 8/2/22 – 5:25 PM EST:

Remember the Cuba Missile Crises?

I was in fourth grade.

Duck and cover!

Well, the game is still going on, and as each side antes up with more war rhetoric, the pot keeps growing. How big will it get before someone calls? Only time will tell, unless one folds and walks away. Question is: Who do you think is holding the Royal Flush?


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