A Lighter Side of the Latest

In God We Trust

While watching the news this morning, I noticed the new posters with “In God We Trust” on them being displayed in public places have offended some, and suits are being filed on the cause of “separation of church and state”. But the signs don’t say “In Church We trust”. Seems to me that the law suits should be immediately rejected for no standing because the sign’s term “…God…” is not applicable to the cause of the complaint.  Common sense jurisprudence? Don’t have a law degree.

Then there’s the term “God” in itself. It is the English translation of many deities from many religions in various languages.  In most Christian theologies (philosophy of religion) both Catholic, Protestant and their various sects and denominations, God is in three persons. The suit should be dismissed on the grounds of non-specificity. Don’t know if that’s legal terminology or not. Don’t think they’re the ones filing the suits anyway.

There are many gods in some religions. Again, non-specificity. There is no higher god in the New Age religion, for they claim themselves as being god. The sign didn’t say “In Me I Trust”. If one of them files a suit, it should be dismissed for cause and non-specificity, but if there is an objection to the self-pronouns, then the complainant can try and find a non-person judge on grounds of bias.

Then last but not least, well, they may be in the minority, are the Atheists. They believe in no god, not even themselves as New Agers. If one of them filed suit, it should be dismissed for no cause at all. There is no standing!

The only question that remains is: Why are some people so Dag gone upset about this free speech? It makes no difference if it is on government property or not. Isn’t our government and its properties supposed to be of, for and by “We the People”?

Maybe some people object to the all-inclusive pronoun we. Of course there are some that consider others as they. Others consider some as those. Then there are them that don’t consider a damn thing. So, what if left?

If yawl don’t like what you see, close your eyes!


It takes lots of money to take issues to court!

Happy Thursday!


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