White Horse Update 10/24/2022

Have not seen much news on monkeypox or polio, but that doesn’t mean it still isn’t popping up here and there. However, there still is this push on the mRNA vaccine, especially on children. Even with all the negative data coming out, the mainstream and CDC still push the vax. If the transgenderism extremists and leftist Teacher Union aren’t doing enough ruin on our youth, CDC and Big Pharma intends on picking up the slack it seems. So, let’s hope and pray they don’t join forces and cook up a combination vax!

As the CDC and Big Pharama continue pushing vaccine and boosters, even for Children five and up, meanstream continues to push the narrative.

Why are the feds censoring criticism over the public health response to COVID?

From the article:

But over the past two and a half years, establishment media have labeled him a purveyor of “misinformation” for his criticism of the public health response to the pandemic and his advocacy – including in Senate testimony – for treating COVID-19 with drugs that have been shown to be safe and effective, such as hydroxychloroquine (367 studies) and ivermectin (92 studies). Further, the government and scientific establishment have suppressed and dismissed his scientific contributions to the global crisis with little or no engagement, adopting the media’s “disinformation” narrative.

In a one-hour video interview with WND (embedded below) that includes his reaction to the FDA’s new COVID booster shot, Risch was matter-of-fact about the current state of medical science.

“All of this censorship, all of these claims of misinformation, disinformation, is purely a statement of: We cannot fight on the playing field of ideas, of argument. We do not have the ability to fight back against those positions, and so we are using the tool of censorship instead,” he told WND….

(To see interview, open article.)


Video off a GAB Post 10/18/2022

Florida OB-GYN says miscarriages are up 50%, and 50% less fertility and 25% more abnormal pap smears since the vaccine rollout! 


From March 17, 2021:


From the article:

More than three dozen cases of women experiencing miscarriages or stillbirths after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine have been reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. It’s estimated that less than 1% of vaccine reactions are reported on VAERS.

The FDA, nor Pfizer or Moderna have commented on the cases filed with VAERS. The CDC has said that pregnant or nursing women who are part of groups recommended to get the vaccine, such as health care workers, can choose to get vaccinated….


Good question!?!?

When Pros change their mind…!!!

Don’t ask!

They want your children!

Two days later!

Not everybody buying it!

And now…!!!

Results continue to pour in on the greatest global experiment the world was ever tricked into. And more is yet to come!


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