They Want Your Children!

Ever heard the expression: “Easy as taking candy from a baby.” Well, it’s just as easy, if not easier, to take your children away using candy or something just as good, like a couple of hundred bucks. These rainbow people want your children on their side of the rainbow, but the yellow brick road is not made of gold!

From the article:

…Now, according to a report from The Federalist, those in support of transgenderism are offering to cut off that argument entirely.

By simply helping the children flee their parents entirely and without notice.

The report explained that “from coast to coast,” promoters of the false idea that people can choose – and alter – their sex, “are working to push chemical castration and genital mutilation on minors at all costs.”

For example, in Virginia, “the Pride Liberation Project (PLP) is organizing resources to help confused minors whose parents are not supportive of their gender and/or sexual identity experimentation to run away from their homes to stay with a ‘queer-friendly’ adult.”

The report warned among other things, “The potential for predatory behavior with this initiative is alarming.”

In fact, PLP leader Aaryan Rawal is offering “rides” and “money” immediately.

Rawal recently wrote on social media, “We can pay for Ubers, Lyfts, and other passes if you need to leave immediately. … In the short term, we can provide a couple of hundred dollars … through Venmo or Zelle.”…


Beware of the candy coating!

There’s another rainbow in the news!

Florida AG Moody warns parents of ‘very real’ threat of rainbow fentanyl that resembles candy

Then there is the upcoming:

Trick or treat!

Police warn parents after finding rainbow-colored fentanyl

GOP warns of ‘rainbow fentanyl’ as Halloween approaches

Those aren’t Skittles or M&M’s!

While merchants are…

Putting a pagan cart before a pagan horse!?!?

There’ candy coated goodies at the Ginger Bread house!

Remember Hansal and Gretel?

Pop them into the oven,

and bake them into something else!

How about:

A cake made of ginger bread?!?!

A Trans Dessert?!?!

They must like it both ways!?!?

And then there’s…

More eating cake and having it too?

I guess BLM does’t matter if your’re a Republican!?!?



Post Publish Update (11/1/22)

Joe Smells Children Too!

Advent support of transgerderization too!


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