Red Horse Update 11/01/2022

Drill, Drill, Drill, what are they drilling for?

Just as the US and NATO’s “Steadfast Noon nuclear drills get started, Russia is kicking of their “Grom” (which translates to Thunder) nuclear drills. (See Red Horse Update 10/17/2022 in Red Horse Archives in main menu.)

Steadfast Thunder at Noon!

Impeccable Timing!?!?

Putin begins nuke drills amid heightened WW3 threat

From the article:

Russian forces kicked off a set of annual nuclear drills on Wednesday. While Russia has held this set of nuclear drills for years, this particular iteration comes as Russian President Vladimir Putin and other Russian officials have warned that the ongoing war in Ukraine could devolve into a nuclear conflict or even World War III.

This is a breaking news story. Please check back for updates as more information becomes available.

During a Tuesday press briefing, Pentagon Press Secretary Air Force Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder said the Russian side had notified the U.S. side that it would commence the annual “Grom” (which translates to Thunder) nuclear drills.

“The U.S. was notified, and as we’ve highlighted before, this is a routine annual exercise by Russia,” Ryder said. “And so, in this regard, Russia is complying with its arms control obligations, and its transparency commitments to make those notifications and so, that is something that we will continue to keep an eye on.”…


Meanwhile, back at the OK Corral…

Dangerous Escalation Could Lead To Russian Conflict With NATO

A honest opinion!

CHUDNOVSKY: Here’s What Neither Left Nor Right Wants To Acknowledge About Ukraine

An Unparalleled Promise?!?!

US, Korean Officials Promise ‘Unparalleled’ Response To North Korea Nuclear Test

A Double Dog Dare??

Rocketman just

Loves firing them rockets!

North Korea sets record for ballistic missile launches in 2022, raising global concern of another nuclear test

24 this year, so far!

Wonder how many he has left?

And there’s traitors.

US Marine pilot vet who worked for China arrested in international operation

And there’s inaction, other than the threats.

Back to the eastern front.

US To Deliver Upgraded Nukes To NATO Allies Sooner Than Expected

From the article:

On Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin oversaw ‘successful’ nuclear drills intended to simulate a “massive nuclear strike.”

On the same day, Politico obtained information from a classified cable and released an article claiming the U.S. has expedited its plans to store upgraded nuclear weapons in Europe.

“The arrival of the upgraded B61-12 air-dropped gravity bomb, originally slated for next spring, is now planned for this December, U.S. officials told NATO allies during a closed-door meeting in Brussels this month,” the story explained.

Biden administration accelerates timeline to send “upgraded” nukes to Europe

— The Post Millennial (@TPostMillennial) October 27, 2022

The new version of the B61-12, which is the oldest bomb in the U.S. Military’s arsenal, has increased accuracy and can also be deployed by a much wider array of aircraft.

These reports come just weeks after President Joe Biden’s shocking “armageddon” comments.


Back on the ground now too!

US forces now on the ground in Ukraine

From the article:

U.S. military personnel are now on the ground in Ukraine, keeping track of and inspecting weapons the U.S. has shipped to Ukrainian forces, a senior defense official announced during a Pentagon background briefing on Monday. These U.S. personnel are some of the first the Pentagon has acknowledged have entered Ukraine since Russia launched its large scale invasion of the country in February.

The senior defense official who spoke on background during an official Pentagon event, said, “U.S. personnel have recently resumed on-site inspections to assess weapon stocks in country whenever and wherever the security conditions allow.” The official said “the return of our defense attaché and Office of Defense Cooperation personnel in country has allowed us to resume this critical function.”

The U.S. Defense attaché for Ukraine is U.S. Army Brig. Gen. Garrick Harmon.

The Biden administration ordered U.S. troops out of Ukraine in February just days before Russia launched its invasion. The Associated Press reported the administration did return some troops to provide security at the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv earlier this year.

This official acknowledgement that U.S. military personnel are back in Ukraine comes as the latest sign of U.S. support for Ukraine’s military. The U.S. has sent several shipments of arms to Ukraine and, some outlets have reported U.S. intel has helped Ukrainian forces target and attack specific high-value Russian targets, including vulnerable warships and generals.

...When asked what the U.S. Department of Defense personnel could do inside the Ukraine, the defense official said DoD personnel are assessing various equipment needs but “otherwise, our role is to support our civilian agency counterparts if they should request our assistance as they support the Ukrainians.”

When asked how close U.S. personnel have gotten to the front lines during these inspections, the defense official said “I’m not going to get into specific details on locations of where these inspections have taken place.”


Pretty much how Vietnam got started.


North Vietnam wasn’t a nuclear power!


Then EU citizens not behind NATO?!?!

Russian Sanctions Cause Backlash – Protests Erupt Across Europe As Citizens Of NATO Member States Rebel

A Black Horse assist to Red Horse?!?!

The beat of hoofs goes on!

Come out of Babylon for her judgement is near!

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