Desperate Act of Department of Derangement and/or Department of Jive?

Sooner of Later, The Truth Will Come Out!?!?

We’ve seen a lot of “Pelosi, Pelosi, Pelosi” lately, not the one that is Speaker of the House in DC, but (insert preferred pronoun) other half, for better or for worse, left back home alone. (Insert preferred pronoun) reportedly was attacked by a deranged (insert preferred sex ID) that the Meanstream Lamestream News (MLN) has declared a MAGA extreme terrorist seeking vengeance against the third in line of the presidency in case the one currently in office is deposed of for (insert preferred pronoun) conduct and/or inability to conduct anything at all.

Can you say, 25th Amendment?

Oh Nooooo……!

Says all the Mr. & Mrs. Bill Q. Citizens.

If Joe has to leave the DC hood before 1/20/2025,

Guess who’s next?



So, what really happened?

Paul Pelosi called 911 at 2:23 a.m. PT on Friday, October 28, 2022, and police arrived at his house eight minutes later, according to the affidavit unsealed Monday October 31, 2022.

Then, MLN went wild!

Was it a late October surprise?

A real trick or treat?!?!

From the 11/1 article:

He is a former “pro-nudist activist, convinced that ‘he was Jesus for a year,’ who lived in a bus on a semi-commune and has embraced conspiracy theories from the left and right,” according to columnist David Harsanyi at the Federalist.

So why, then, are so many questions remaining unanswered, including reports that Pelosi won’t turn over home security footage of the fracas.

Likely, Harsanyi finds, because with the truth of the matter uncertain, leftists can insist that “every conservative personally ‘condemn’ the actions of the mentally ill man.”

And that would have “nothing to do with lowering the rhetorical temperature or averting violence,” but instead has “everything to do with trying to compel Republicans to take responsibility…” he explained.

That appeared openly in the Washington Post, where three bylines appeared on a piece headlined, “Attack on Nancy Pelosi’s husband follows years of GOP demonizing her.”…


Many Holes Remain In Paul Pelosi Assault Case

From the article:

Paul Pelosi, better half to Speaker of the House Sen. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), was assaulted with a hammer in his San Francisco home in the wee hours of Friday morning.

…With numerous holes in the alleged sequence of events surrounding the attack, there’s good reason for cautious optimism regarding the validity of the entire episode.

This article isn’t meant to stir up conspiracy theories, only to point out that the entire story doesn’t make sense. The missing facts may be brought to light in the coming days, but until then, it’s important to call things what they are.

What we do know is that Mr. Pelosi had surgery to repair a fractured skull Friday morning. Before going under the knife, he was admitted to Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and received treatment for facial injuries.

Reports indicate police arrived at the Pelosi residence before the attack and that the assault occurred while law enforcement was present, a glass door somehow shattering in the process….


From the 11/2 article:

A Capitol Police officer at the agency’s Washington command center noticed flashing police lights outside the house Friday morning while looking through camera feeds within its jurisdiction, sources said, according to the outlet. The officer subsequently viewed other camera angles showing the house and tape of the scene shortly before, seeing that a hammer-wielding man had broken glass and gone inside.

It was not immediately certain whether someone should have been monitoring the Capitol Police cameras outside the house when the break-in occurred, according to ABC News. The speaker was in Washington at the time with her protective detail, the agency said.

A neighbor claimed the Pelosi’s house has a private security system meant to alert the San Francisco Police Department and Capitol Police, but the Capitol Police never got a notification from the security company Friday, according to the Post. Whether the security system was active when the break-in occurred is unclear.

Alleged perpetrator David DePape pleaded not guilty to state-level charges Tuesday, CNN reportedincluding attempted murder, false imprisonment and threatening the life of or serious bodily harm to a public official. DePape also faces federal assault and attempted kidnapping charges involving a U.S. official, which could result in up to 50 years in prison….


Alleged Pelosi attacker was in U.S. illegally, immigration officials confirm

From the 11/3 article:

The man who allegedly broke into House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s house with a hammer and zipties, David DePape, is a Canadian citizen in the U.S. illegally and may be deported after his criminal cases are over.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) confirmed to the Washington Post that it had filed an “immigration detainer” on DePape, a Canadian national. The detainer will notify the agency when DePape is set to be released from San Francisco County Jail, so that he may then be deported.

The Canadian government confirmed it is involved in the case.

“Canadian officials are engaging with local authorities to obtain more information,” said Global Affairs Canada spokeswoman Charlotte MacLeod. “Due to privacy considerations, no further information can be disclosed.”…


San Francisco DA Won’t Release Police Bodycam Video, 911 Calls From Paul Pelosi Attack

From the 11/3 article:

San Francisco’s top prosecutor confirmed Wednesday her office will not release police body camera footage or 911 calls from the alleged Paul Pelosi attack late last week.

Authorities said that David DePape, 42, allegedly broke into the San Francisco home of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and her husband Paul during the early morning hours of Oct. 28, according to court documents, before he allegedly struck Pelosi with a hammer. No security camera footage, police body camera footage, or 911 calls have been released.

When pressed about releasing more evidence in the case, San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins told NBC News that her office will not.

“Are you planning to release the 911 call or any body camera video [from the Paul Pelosi attack]?” asked NBC’s Kristen Welker on Wednesday.

“Not at this time,” replied Jenkins. “We’re going to find out today the speed at which this case will proceed once he’s arraigned. We’ll make decisions about what evidence gets played in court, during any hearings, or during the trial,” Jenkins added.

The San Francisco Police Department denied a public records request from The Epoch Times for body camera footage from the officers who responded to the Pelosi home, stating that “disclosure of information may endanger successful completion of the investigation.”

Requests for the 911 call and the police incident report are pending….


Paul Pelosi didn’t indicate ‘emergency’ when cops showed up in attack: report

From the 11/4 article:

More On: paul pelosi

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband didn’t let on that he was in any danger when cops showed up at his home just before a madman cracked his skull with a hammer, a new report claims.

Paul Pelosi, 82, answered the door for cops who responded to a 911 call at the San Francisco home, but the officers were “seemingly unaware they had been called to the home of the speaker of the House,” NBC News reported, citing sources familiar with the investigation.

Pelosi didn’t “declare an emergency” or try to leave, but instead walked several feet back into the foyer toward armed attacker David DePape, who had broken into the home last Friday and was carrying a hammer, sources told NBC.

The report noted that it wasn’t clear what Pelosi’s mental state was or if he had already been hurt….


Video and transscript Published 10/31/22

TUCKER CARLSON: Democrats will use horrific Paul Pelosi attack to hold onto censorship


And they did!

What really, really, really went on?

How about the old adage:

” When the cat is away, the mouse will play!”

No video footage allowed!?!?

Are the demoncrats pulling off a sadistic October hoax?

Right before election day!?!?

Remember the Jussie Smollett story? 

Is deportation already set up?!?!

Does Canada really want him back?

Stay tuned to the same bat channel for:

Time will tell!



Don’t forget to vote next week!


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