Judgement Day in Two Days

A bit strange how some are calling this midterm election “Judgement Day”. In the Book of Revelation, one don’t get to vote in the one at the second resurrection. Won’t be any defense lawyers either. No appeals after sentence. No contesting lawsuits. Everyone will have standing, standing before the tribunal of God! One is either in or out of the book of life. If out, a big lake of fire awaits and the second death. Eternal death!

As for the political red wave:

Any blue board surfers ready for the ride?

Judgement Day Approaches

From the 11/2/22 article:

Let’s take a look at what might happen on election night in Georgia and across these United States.

In less than a week, voting in the 2022 General Election will come to an end. One of the downsides of living in a battleground state is that there is no escape from the ads. Courtesy of my digital screens, I’m reminded daily that the fate of the free world is in the palm of my hand, or at least in the finger I use to mash the screen of the Dominion Ballot Marking Device at my polling place.

Once again Georgia is at the center of the political universe. The much anticipated rematch between Governor Brian Kemp and President of United Earth Stacey Abrams is in full swing, although Abrams has mostly swung and missed this time around. Conventional wisdom at the start of the year assumed Kemp was a goner. Facing a serious primary challenge from former Senator David Perdue, with the backing of Donald Trump and his Mighty MAGA forces, Kemp was thought to be in for the fight of his life. If he survived the primary he would have an uphill climb against Abrams, who has spent the last four years honing her impressive political skills and enhancing her astounding fundraising prowess. A united Democratic Party marching in lockstep with their fearless leader would move Georgia from the purple column to the solidly blue.

Yet, here we are, days before the election and it’s Kemp who has run a virtually flawless campaign, and raised the money necessary to rebuff Abrams’ attacks. The Real Clear Politics average shows Kemp with an impressive 7.6 point lead. In fact RCP shows no polls with Abrams in the lead…ever. This race is over folks. In fact, one wonders why Brian Kemp’s name isn’t being bandied about as a 2024 GOP contender. Seriously.

The other big Peach State race just might be the one that decides who controls the U.S. Senate. It’s deja vu all over again….


Deja vu, it’s all about the money!?!?

Money buys influence!

Influence buys power!

Power corrupts!

Absolute power corrupts absolutly!

Here we go…

Election Security?!?!

LA County Voter Finds Key In Election Drop-Off Box

From the article:

With the midterm elections drawing near, and the most recent presidential election as contested as any in recent history, a key was mysteriously left in a drop box for mail-in ballots recently in LA County.

The voter who found the key, according to CBS News, immediately contacted the LA County Registrar’s office. But the damage was already done. Even if it were a simple mistake, the optics are not good, and the county board of elections is scrambling to make sure voters are confident in the election processes moving forward….

…An article from Red State shows an interaction between the voter who found the key and a person from the Los Angeles County Registrar-Records Office. During the exchange, two important things are revealed. The first is that about an hour after reporting the key being found in the drop box, it was still there.

The second revelation is that librarians in LA County seem to hold a higher position as voting safety and security gatekeepers than was previously known….

…At the same time, however, Los Angeles County is still “trying to figure out how keys to an official ballot drop-off box were left inside the lock Tuesday.”

Even today, there is no indication of why, how, or by whom this key was left in the drop box, and incidents like these will continue to fuel speculation that elections are not as secure, safe and fair as the government wants people to believe.


Will there be any blue election deniers?


The sleeping prophet speaks!

Biden Predicts Democrats Will Win Midterm Elections

From the article:

At this point, the midterm elections are just a few days away. Democrats are trying all they can to win these races, including by bringing out former President Obama to stump for various embattled candidates.

Thus far, momentum and polls favor Republicans. GOP members are connecting with voters, laying out solutions for the problems Americans face, and explaining why left-wing policies are dangerous and extreme….

The Latest From Biden on the Midterms

While leaving California, the president spoke to the media about what he thinks this upcoming Tuesday will bring. According to Biden, he has a “really good” feeling about the chances Democrats have in the midterms.

Furthermore, the president stated he’s “optimistic” that Democrats will expand their Senate majority and hold onto the House of Representatives. In making these predictions, Biden didn’t cite a single piece of data to back them up.



He did, however, let the media know he doesn’t believe they fairly cover the crowds that Democratic rallies attract….



Kinda hard to cover something not there!

Don’t forget to cast your thumbs up or down!

In the Battle for the Republic Arena!


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