The Morning After

As the rising sun divides the cloud that covers the land…

As the new day dawns on the morning after what was to be a “Judgement Day” with the “Big Red Wave” of red thumbs pointed up toward the sky, the overly optimistic are scratching their heads while sipping their coffee. Now, the term “Red Tide” is being spoken in leu of “Red Tsunami” following the “great shaking” of the electorate.

What went wrong?

Or was it right?

2022 Midterm Elections: How to watch like a pro

From the article:

Every ad has been cut. Every speech delivered. Every poll taken. Now, we wait. It’s finally Election Day, and the stakes are high. Inflation is at a 40-year peak, abortion rights are on the ballot and election deniers are on the cusp of taking office. But when the polls close tonight, it won’t mark the finish line. Instead, it will be the start of a days-long process of counting votes in many of the most important states. Here’s your guide to watching election night — and week — like a pro.


And the beat goes on…!

{Clicking and reading articles optional.}

Leading up to election day and after, all from AMN:

Florida early votes reach 4.8 million; GOP votes outnumber Dems by 321,000

Will it hold till Wednesday morning and thereafter?

Biden spox: Midterm results may take ‘a few days’: ‘That’s how this is supposed to work’


Only recall 2000 & 2020 that way?!?!

{See “Cosmic Clockworks I” in main menu.}

PA, GA, other key midterm race results could take days: NYT

Maybe weeks!?!?

Video: Voters told voting machines aren’t working in Maricopa County AZ


Deja Vu!

DeSantis admin bans Biden DOJ from polling places: ‘Not permitted under Florida law’

Hey Joe,

Article I Section 4


Tenth Amendment!

DOJ monitoring polls for illegal activity in 24 states

Biden’s DOJ, and check out the list!

14 states activate National Guard for midterm elections

Cyber Security!?!?

Where were they in 2020?!?!

Reports From Other Sources:

Google Is Impacting Elections by Influencing Votes on ‘Massive Scale’: Researcher

 Cyber Psycho voter manipulation?!?!

Same old blame game,

just like from the garden’s view!

Women Who Vote GOP Are ‘Like Roaches Voting for Raid’: The View Host

Then there’s the opinion from the women of the VIEW!

Deja Vu again?!?!

{Also covered by AMN above.}

There’s optimism still!

Governor, Senate Races Show Republicans Catching Up in Swing and Deep Blue States

There will be much analyzing over next few days, weeks, months and plans of strategy for 2024 will continue. But will pestilence, famine and war go away? Will inflation and the energy crises be resolved? Will the non-parental consent of transgenderizing children be stopped? Will the genetically engineered mRNA vax be rejected? Who can truly be trusted to resolve all these problems?

The answer my friend is blowing in the wind…

Is there still hope?


Let’s put God First!

Come 2024, if there is an election, think I’ll just write in:

Jesus Christ, King of Kings, Lord of Lords

{Actually thought of doing that in 2020.}

But, He won’t need to be voted in!

Come out of Babylon for her Judgement is near!


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