What’s really going on over there?

Is USA being duped?

Over there, over there, billions of dollars of weapons going over there. Now, just how do they get the yanks to come too? NATO’s title 5 says that an attack on one is an attack on all. Just before the last Red Horse Update 11/15/22 post was ready to be published, the AMN news article about the two missles falling on Poland and killing two came in on e-mail and it was added to the post at the last minute before publishing. After the next couple of posts, the last three were auto posted as I had scheduled them. [Took off to visit my sister & take a break from the news.] Going to take a few days to catch up on things plus working on my greenhouse this week.

To catch up on the two Russian missiles that landed in Poland and killed two, NATO did not jump the gun and launch WW III. It was ruled an “accident” and later dismissed as such. Was wondering how many more accidents and lives would it take? Not as many as it takes to get DOT to install a traffic light at a busy intersection! Then, the reporter who reported it was fired because he didn’t have it collaborated by a second source. When was the last time that was done?

Well, as it turns out, the missiles were Russian made. The Ukraine’s have captured a lot of Russian military equipment lately.


Poland’s president Andrzej Duda claimed the projectile was Russian made, but he did not say who he believes it was fired by. Getty Images The Russian-made missile that landed in Poland, killing two people, may have been fired by Ukrainian forces in an attempt to fend off Moscow’s latest airstrike on the war-torn country.

Missile that hit Poland may have been fired by Ukrainian forces

On the local antenna Fox channel National News Desk (11/22/22 8:00 to 10:00 AM EST) [Yep, still have antenna TV!] it was reported that Ukraine had fired the missiles.

Well now…

Just why in the hell would Ukraine fire two Russian made missiles into Poland while defending themselves from a Russian missile/air attack while they have all those billions of dollars’ worth of American anti-aircraft/missile missiles?

To get them yanks a coming too?

Yawl have a nice day. Working on greenhouse this afternoon.

Stay strong!


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    Thank you brother Phillip for sharing the message


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