An Early Strategy on White Horse Rider’s Conquering?

How do tyrannists handle noncompliance to one of their “societal norms”?

Label them “mentally incompetent”!?!?

Then dope them up!!!!

From the article:

…On April 9, 2020, Dr. Thomas Binder posted to his blog an analysis of COVID-19 and the government’s mitigation efforts that received 20,000 views. He hoped it would prompt action, but two colleagues alerted the chief of state police, claiming Binder was a threat to himself and the government. On the day before Easter of 2020, he was confronted outside his home by about 60 armed police officers, including 20 with the canton of Aargau’s anti-terrorism unit, ARGUS….


Need a historical reference?!

What happened to the golden rule????

Dr. Thomas Binder Interview – How Psychology Was Weaponized To Suppress Truth In The Age Of COVID

Who is Dr. Thomas Binder?

REPORT: Canadian Doctor Says College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario Suggests Unvaccinated Patients are Mentally Ill and Should be Put on Psychiatric Medication

Like the Vax…?!?!

What about “informed consent”!?!?

What Would Real Informed Consent on Psychiatric Drugs Look Like?

From the article:

…We recognize that our webinars are attended by three main groups—not just clinicians but also persons with lived experience and, increasingly, family members who have become discouraged with the poor progress their loved ones make over time in the era of long-term prescriptions and polypharmacy. And they are more and more frustrated with too much of their advocacy movement having been tainted by corporate influence. We definitely need peers and family members to participate, because change in clinical practice will not take place without the urgency and pressures initiated by those with personal knowledge of the current problems with poorly constructed informed consent processes….


Hear the thunder of horse hoofs yet?!?!

Remember the word integrity?!?!

We have to be in the world,

but not a part of it!!!

Come out of Babylon for her judgement is near!

Stay strong!


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