Meatless Meat and Meat Grown in a Lab – Humor?

Gain of Function Food?

Remember when GMO (Genetically Engineered Organism) foods first came out in 1973? Lots of folks called them “Frankenfoods”. Products had to be labeled GMO or if the product contain GMO’s. Today we have Roundup ready corn and soybeans which means that with those seeds developed, the plant can be sprayed at a certain stage of growth with Roundup, which is a non-selective herbicide that kills all types of vegetation indiscreetly, except for those that are genetically engineered to withstand it. I have used it to kill all vegetation around buildings, barns and ditches, as well as fields to keep down growth saving on diesel fuel in bushogging. Both are expensive today!

Then products came out for vegetarians that imitate meat and many of them contain GMO’s, like in soy burgers made from soybean meal after they are processed for their vegetable oil. Ever fry a soy burger in vegetable oil? At least real meat comes with its own fat to fry in!

Corn has also been processed into ethanol and mixed with gas to run in automobiles. Long ago, it was called moonshine. That’s how NASCAR got started. It evolved from bootleg runners!


Beyond burger has gotten bad news lately!

Not only are their elections foul, their fake meat processing plants are growing mold.

Meanwhile, back at the Lab…

Chicken McNuggets grown in a lab!?!?

Any mRNA seasoning?!?!

If the mRNA vaccines are responsible for those long clotting things growing in the blood stream causing healthy folks to drop dead, what will happen if something similar starts showing up in the digestive tract? Would eating too much on a regular basis become like: “boost till you poop!”?

Oh, the humor of it all!

A Gain of Function Diet?

Eat at own risk!

Well, its only Wednesday!


Post Publish Update Addition

Do they use lab rats in those meat labs?

” Sir, can we have more?”

What’s the deal with the red eyed rat?

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