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A Reality from Yesterday’s Sci-Fi

In case you’re a Sci-Fi fan, the old saying that yesterday’s science fiction is tomorrow’s reality has done it again. Remember the replicators on Stargate SG-1? Humans had to help the Asguard (Little Friendly Grays LFG+) against the replicators because they could not think as simple minded as humans. Colonel O’Neil was rather incensed about that, but Major Carter saved the day for the little gray fellows anyway. Sad thing is, the Asguard was doomed as they made a grand last stand against the Replicators. They were doomed anyway because they had cloned themselves for so long and could no longer sexually reproduce. They had no more duplicatable DNA and didn’t want to do any gain-of function research on humans to save their kind. SG-1 (USAF) ended up inheriting all their superior technology.

Not ET Replicators

MIT Engineers must’ve been Stargate fans too!

Pod Parts: 3D Replicators are Here, So is Future

Later, after the remnant Replicators evolved, they made a Human Like Major Carter (Transhuman) to get back at the humans for leaving them in a frozen time warp. After the Replicators were defeated by the real Sam, they meet up with the 0ri, the rebellious ones against the Ancients, and defeated them too. The story line in the 10 year long running series finally concluded with the series’ third full length Movie:

The Ark Of The Truth

Interesting parallels huh?


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  1. Chuck says:

    I watched Stargate SG1 off and on over the years, thanks for the memories. Isn’t it strange how there are parallels in just about everything?

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