Ring In The Law Suits

House Passes Same-Sex Marriage Protections, Sending Bill to Biden’s Desk

A host of Republicrats has helped the demoncrats and pushed the enshrinement of same sex marriage into federal law. Oh… Joe is so happy! Will someone please bake him a cake. It you refuse because he makes you sick, you might get sued for indifference. As stated before, The Lee Admendment didn’t pass and there are more loopholes in the other Republicrat’s admendments one could make a ton of swiss cheese on rye roast beef sandwitches. The only hope not is the case before SCOTUS now and it won’t be decided until next summer. If it goes against the marriage website designer, the flood gate of lawsuits will open. Judge Thomas was right in that same sex marriage is a tenth admendment issue.

See following for SCOTUS case & more:

Maybe Cobb should sue the restaurant.


I’m sure he will!

Here’s some history on related cases:

Article from 2019

How Battles Over Serving Same-Sex Couples Play Out in Court

The Big One…

Obergefell v. Hodges

and More…

Same sex marriage discrimination lawsuits

Waiting in the winds of decision!

Roe v Wade was overturned…

What will SCOTUS do?

Something deserving much prayer for sure.


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