We Support This?

From the article:

…According to a report at Gateway Pundit, Zelenskyy already has banned opposition parties and seized their property.

”Zelenskyy also closed all of the TV stations and consolidated them into one state-run channel,” the report said.

”Ukraine has had to take extraordinary measures to fight Russia’s invasion. Among them, the government has consolidated the country’s television outlets and dissolved rival political parties. It says it needs to do this to maintain a united front in fighting Russia,” NPR reported.


Ukraine war: The role of the Orthodox churches

From the article:

Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine is driving a wedge into the Orthodox Church. While the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill, has justified the war in Moscow, it has been condemned in the Ukrainian Orthodox churches, as well as by some priests in Russia.

“The Moscow Patriarchate had been silent about the war for a long time,” explains Thomas Bremer in a video interview with DW. The professor of ecumenical theology, eastern European church studies and peace research at the University of Münster adds that this position has now changed with Patriarch Kirill, who presents Vladimir Putin’s war as a legitimate resistance to Western values in his sermons in Moscow.

“He bases this on gay pride parades,” explains Bremer, “which he claims were intended to be imposed on the Donbass.”

In keeping with Putin’s line and in accordance with the president’s ban on reporting on the war or even calling it as such, the patriarch also did not use the word “war” for the invasion of Ukraine but spoke of “events” and “military actions.”…


In 395 AD, theRoman Empire was finally divided into two legs, east and west, and theRoman Church did as well. There’s the Western Orthodox and the Eastern Orthodox. Western Rome became the Holy Roman Empire that reigned over the western parts of Eurasia all through the Dark and Middle ages and the eastern leg became The Byzantine Empire. There was a great schism in the Roman Church in 1045. (See Missing links – Chapter VI and XI in main menu.) 

The Russian and the Ukrainian Orthodox are part of the Eastern Orthodox!

What’s Zelenskyy doing?!?!

So much for “Freedom of Religon!?!?

Joe don’t care, he’s Catholic!


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