Transgender War Update & Then Some Extra – TWUTS+

As the transgender war rages on, some are referring to is as a revolution. What! A revolution to be immoral? Don’t need a revolution for that! Be whatever the hell you want to be, but just stop indoctrinating young children behind parents backs. Their innocence isn’t for one’s thrills at seeing their indoctrination and all the mutilation’s going on. Many are in deep regret!

Articles from the last week or so…

Arkansas Stands Against Child Abuse

California Elementary School to Allow New After-School Satan Club

Investigation Reveals California Is Releasing Thousands Of Pedophiles In Less Than 12 Months

Biden Signs Same-Sex Marriage Bill into Law, Christian Groups Say It Threatens Religious Liberty

Former Navy SEAL Detransitioning Back To Male, Warns Treatments On Kids Should End

Hundreds of trans people regret changing their gender, says trans activist

‘I literally lost organs:’ Why detransitioned teens regret changing genders

Doctors Have Failed Them, Say Those Who Regret Transitioning

Just in at post time

And the war goes on…


Note: I’ve had the majority of these articles on draft for little over a week. Still working on my greenhouse and was just a little too tired after sunset to do any commentary. The programming and mutalations must be stopped!

Some things are just not reversible!


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