8 Billion Population and Counting

The World population reached 8 billion people on Nov. 15, 2022 according to the United Nations.

Ken Ham: Earth’s Population Passing 8 Billion ‘Is a Challenge to the Evolutionary Worldview’

From the article:

…The data in the United Nations report, Ham asserted, also conflicts with the evolutionary worldview.

“Consider that evolutionists believe modern man has existed for over 200,000 years. And yet, as the [news] article I linked above states, we didn’t hit even a billion people until about 200 years ago,” Ham wrote. “So, for tens and tens of thousands of years, humanity’s size somehow just didn’t grow? Did it stay ridiculously small for an almost incomprehensible amount of time before suddenly exploding in our modern era? That doesn’t make any sense, even with our medical advances!


Worldometer – The World’s Population Counter

The World’s Top Two

As of December 18, 2022

China (1st) – 1,452,962,522

India (2nd) – 1,413,310,799

{The top two are 36% of world’s population.}


Top Three in North America

United States (3rd) – 335,766,277

{Not counting illegal crossings at southern border!}

Mexico (10th) – 132,258,255

{Not counting those passing thru their southern border.}

Canada (39th) – 38,554,451

{Not counting any crossing their southern border.}

{These three are 5.6 % of total world population.}


Canada’s population is at least holding steady for now or on the decrease due to their MAID (medical assistance in dying) program.

{Think fifth trumpet/1st woe. – Rev. 9:1-12}

World population as of: 8:30 EST, December 18, 2022:


And counting!

At least forward for now!

The US population odometer has ticked up a little bit more since Roe vs Wade, but it still is slow.

But there is still…


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