White Horse Update 12/29/22

It was warp speed in 2020 to get a vaccine out to fight the covid virus that supposedly came from a bat that escaped from a bioweapons (real name for gain-of-function research) lab, but as it is now becoming apparent, it was a batman working in the lab that let it loose. It sure didn’t escape on the wings of a dove! Was it an evil thought by a Chinese virology batman?

And yes, good ole Dr. Faucinstein knew all about it. All the conspiracy theorists are now being proved right while the vax pushers are being proven wrong as it is the vaxed getting sick still or dropping dead from blood clots that some are blaming on pollution in the air that has been causing climate change from global warming to global freezing making flying to and fro flights to get canceled left and right. Not quite a nutshell, but I suppose it will do.

Now comes the investigations…

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Announces Grand Jury Investigation into Wrongdoing Regarding mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines

Wasn’t it a gain-of-function lab?

Oh yea, the cover ups…

Hiding the evidence?

After authorized for emergency use…

but never approved?

Dose of own medicine?

Just gotta keep it quite!


Military COVID vax mandate officially repealed


Leak: Pentagon not planning to reinstate 8,000+ fired troops who refused COVID vax, says report

And now…

Something different

From the article:

…The BBC explained: “Bases are the language of life. The four types of base – adenine (A), cytosine (C), guanine (G) and thymine (T) – are the building blocks of our genetic code. Just as letters in the alphabet spell out words that carry meaning, the billions of bases in our DNA spell out the instruction manual for our body. Base editing allows scientists to zoom to a precise part of the genetic code and then alter the molecular structure of just one base, converting it into another and changing the genetic instructions. The large team of doctors and scientists used this tool to engineer a new type of T-cell that was capable of hunting down and killing Alyssa’s cancerous T-cells.”…


And who wrote the manual?

Sounds promising.

And that’s an update!


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