Humor Time – TGIF

Been a good week for cold weather lovers!

The latest thing in the climate change agenda is the change from global warming to global freezing. Two years ago, an artic blast caused many wind turbines in Texas to freeze up and brake down, therefore causing many blackouts in freezing temps. This year, an artic blast dumped tons of snow and as usual caused thousands of cancelations for people flying to and fro during the winter solstice let’s be jolly season. In both, some people froze to death. Nothing humorous about that!

With the climate change cult, I bet they can’t wait to see the climate change back to summer again. Maybe we need to burn more fossil fuel and get that global warming thing going again. Solar panels can’t generate much electricity if they’re covered with three feet of snow. If electricity is your only heat source, you might have to share your electricity with a garbage truck. For those still using Natural gas and fuel oil, well, there’s still the gasholes in control of the price, not to mention some bonehead politicians that don’t know their butane from a cow fart.

Then there’s snow removal…

From the article:

…The report warned, “Don’t count on seeing electric garbage trucks plowing snow from city streets any time soon. The city Department of Sanitation’s goals to become carbon neutral are clashing with the limits of electric-powered vehicles.”

The report said the city has purchased seven electric rear loader garbage trucks, custom-made by Mack at a cost of more than $523,000 each.

“Officials say previous electric trucks tested by sanitation have not lasted longer than four hours plowing snow before running out of power, and the new electric trucks will be used for trash collection but not plowing snow.”

The report noted the city wants to switch all 6,000 vehicles in its fleet to electricity, part of a radical agenda to reduce emissions by 2040….


We may be in a new ice age by then.


But a new age!

Good luck NYC with the snow plowing!



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