The Rise of AI Authors – Humor Time?

Hey human authors, we’re taking over!

The Little Human That Could

By C3-PO & R2D2

What Would Mark Twain think??

From the article:

Is just about every job imaginable going to soon be automated? Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has seen massive developments in the past few years, with new improvements now allowing people to have originally generated written content at the snap of a finger, among other things.

PR Newswire published a press release from Jasper, the creator of a Chrome browser extension for an AI writing program:

Jasper makes generative artificial intelligence accessible to businesses and individual creators alike, enabling them to break through writer’s block, create original art, and repackage content for format, language, and tone. The reach and use cases of Jasper are wide and span from individual creatives to large teams at content-forward companies. Jasper has been used to help enterprises scale their content strategies, write and illustrate children’s books, help non-native speakers communicate their ideas more effectively, and enable people to develop daily writing habits.

Jasper’s new browser extension, released for Chrome, enables users to take generative AI with them across the full range of websites and content platforms they use. With the extension, content creators who find themselves stuck can call up Jasper with a single click or keystroke and get contextual recommendations for original content whenever writer’s block strikes. The extension can be found at and works across Google Docs, Gmail, Notion, HubSpot, Shopify, social media platforms, content management systems and many more content destinations.

The creation of technology so advanced that it allows users to generate a myriad of unique written content at a moment’s notice will likely result in massive ramifications for society at large. How, for instance, can a professor or teacher now assign students a writing piece while ensuring the work came from them rather than another source?…


“…originally generated…”?

Jasper AI Writing Program


Could AI written articles be hazardous to your health?

AI sales pitching?

Now we’ll have AI-BS…

To go along with HI-BS!?!?

Which will have a lower methane blueprint?


Will they come out with:

The Gospel according to AI?

Surely hope not!



I’ll do my own writing…

But I’ll keep my spell check!


An AI Update 01/05/2023

Not about writing books….

But about booking!

Police Use AI To Justify Arresting Innocent Man For Six Days

AI for AI?!?!

What’s next????

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