Humor Time – Coming Soon to a Hookup nearer to you!

Is this what it is coming to?

A transgenderated, autoboosted, walking storage battery for all your implanted devices!

Are those meatless grub worms or Vege-maggots?

Somewhere, over the rainbow…

6G tech could turn humans into walking batteries for their personal electronics

From the article:

Researchers studying how the next generation of telecommunications technology will work believe that humans wearing low-cost copper coil devices could use a potential sixth generation (6G) telecommunications technology to power their personal electronic devices.

While Fifth Generation (5G) telecommunications technology is in its infancy and 6G telecommunications is likely still years away, researchers are trying to conceptualize how the next generation of telecommunications will operate. The next step in communications may be in the form of Visible Light Communication (VLC) and a recent study by the University of Massachusetts Amherst believe that humans will carry technology that can harvest waste energy from this light-based technology to power their electronics….


And it makes me wonder…


Hope yawl got a good laugh!


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  1. Julia says:

    This was very laughable! Sadly down the road they will reap from their inventions what they didn’t expect. One of these days we will see all those who are hooked up to technology blow up. LOL
    Be Blessed.

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