Humor Time – Woking Ancient Egyptian Mummies?

Look how man has “evolved”…

Glad I was created after my kind!

From the article:

…when referring to mummies out of respect for the deceased mummified person. They say the term is dehumanizing to those who died, even though they died literally thousands of years ago and probably don’t give a flip for what term is used in a language that didn’t even exist when they were embalmed.

It’s also worth noting the term “mummy” has been in use since at least 1610 and is derived from the Arabic word “mummiya,” meaning “wax” or “bitumen.” It refers to the blackish-brown resin used to embalm the dead in ancient Egypt and which produced the characteristic dried, shriveled appearance of the bodies.

So if the term “mummy” isn’t acceptable, then what shall we call these ancient embalmed people? The new politically acceptable term is “mummified person” or “mummified remains.” Well thank goodness for this change. Up until now these mummified remains were probably rolling in their graves (or in their museum showcases) because they were so offended.

It’s not just the British Museum that’s jumped on this bandwagon. National Museums Scotland in Edinburgh has also removed the word “mummy” from labels on its human remains.A spokeswoman said: “Where we know the name of an individual we use that, otherwise we use ‘mummified man, woman, boy, girl or person’ because we are referring to people, not objects. … The word ‘mummy’ is not incorrect, but it is dehumanizing, whereas using the term ‘mummified person’ encourages our visitors to think of the individual.”

Museum personnel are also concerned that “mummy” has entered the English lexicon as terrifying monsters in B-grade horror flicks. A spokeswoman for the Great North Museum says “legends about the mummy’s curse and movies portraying supernatural monsters … can undermine their humanity.”…



I kinda liked those mummy movies…

from the Book of the dead!

Don’t they know…

the dead know nothing?

(Ecclesiastes 9:5)

Oh well…

What will the Wokenites change next?!?!




  1. Thanks for the chuckle; Shabbat Shalom.

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    1. eze33 says:

      You welcome. Shabbat Shalom. Looking like that I may have made a tradition of Humor Time TGIF. Ha! Being not of the world doesn’t mean that we can’t laugh at some of its stupidity from time to time. Your thoughts? LOLGB+

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      1. YHWH created man in His image giving us many of His traits which includes a sense of humor.

        He also gave each of us a free will; unfortunately, some lack wisdom when exercising their free will.

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