TGIF Humor Time – Unvaxed Dating Service?

Remember those dating services?

Meet the love of your life.

Select us, we’re number one,

Satisfaction guaranteed!


One for almost every group under the sun.

Except one…

Until now!

‘World’s First’ Unvaccinated Dating Service Launches in Hawaii

From the article:

Nowadays, online dating seems less a game of hit or miss than medical truth or dare, given the deal-breaker question, “Are you vaccinated?”

Businesswomen Shelby Thomson and Heather Pyle of Maui, Hawaii, found the online dating game a frustrating experience for the un-jabbed at the height of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout in 2021.

Faced with discrimination and censorship, many unvaccinated people lost jobs and relationships because they chose to remain unvaccinated. The un-jabbed “didn’t have the option to say they were unvaccinated” to potential online dating partners, Thomson said….


No dropping dead from SDS on first date?!?

No more lonely hearts unvaxed club!?!?

“Hi! I’m unvaxed! I enjoy…”


Did think the Dating Game Show was pretty good.

First question: Are you vaxed?

And the lucky couple wins an all-expense paid date to some nice resort with unvaxed personnel flown in by unvaxed pilots, and driven around by unvaxed chauffeurs on a unvaxed island.


Not a bad idea though!?!?

Except for…

making easy targets for the vaxed!


What about government tracking?



Shabatt shalom



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