Things In Tens

Many things come in tens. We have ten fingers, five on each hand, and ten toes, five on each foot. We get those right off the bat when born, except in rare extreme circumstances.

There is the Top Ten List on almost everything under the sun.

Then there are the Ten Amendments to the U.S. Constitution called “The Bill of Rights. There is also the Ten Planks to the Communist Manifesto. (See Missing Links – Appendix I in the main menu.)

The following article gives a Top Ten List of fears:

From the article:

Exclusive: Chuck Norris notes most on the list ‘are created or exacerbated by governments’

In October 2022, Chapman University published a report that surveyed adults on 95 fears.

The institution’s blog explained that Chapman University’s Survey of Fear (CUSF) is “an ongoing project, now in its ninth year. Conducted annually, it follows trends over time and identifies new fears as they emerge. The survey is a nationally representative sample that gives us insight into what terrifies America.”

Unfortunately, it turns out that the majority of Americans suffer from tremendous fear. Many – perhaps as high as 85% of the population – live with a sense of impending doom. This is a classic sign of clinical anxiety.

“This year’s topics range from fear of being the victim of mass shootings, to fears related to Jan. 6th and the violent overthrow of the U.S. government to fears related to immigration and gun control. Fears are ranked by the percent of Americans who reported being afraid or very afraid,” CUSF reported.

So, here are the Top 10 Fears of America (2022):

1. Corrupt government officials – 62.1
2. People I love becoming seriously ill – 60.2
3. Russia using nuclear weapons – 59.6
4. People I love dying – 58.1
5. The U.S. involved in another world war – 56.0
6. Pollution of drinking water – 54.5
7. Not having enough money for the future – 53.7
8. Economic/financial collapse – 53.7
9. Pollution of oceans, rivers, and lakes – 52.5
10. Biological warfare – 51.5

A general overview of the present CUSF report shows us that Americans’ fears center on five main topics: corrupt government officials (No. 1), harm to a loved one (Nos. 2 & 4), war (Nos. 3, 5 & 10), environmental concerns (Nos. 6 & 9), and economic concerns (Nos. 7 & 8)….


Then on the other hand?


But few consider…

The greatest TEN of all!


Think what the world would be like if we were to take them to heart and keep them!

{John 14:15}


As the sun sets…

Shabbat Shalom


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