TGIF, Especially This Friday

My last post was the Sabbath Message 03/04/23 and was the 100th straight day of posting, my longest streak. On the first day of the week (Sunday 03/05), I got busy in my greenhouse I just got closed in with setting up and leveling tables for bottom watering and seeding trays. Been playing catch up as spring is upon us.

I have been too physically exhausted to get on the computer and do much work as my mouse wants to run wild and keyboard does not seem to want to cooperate with my fingers. Have accidently deleted entire tab loads!

Will try to get back to posting some next week, but probably not every day. Folks around here are wanting plants already, but have been telling them – not until mid-April. These warm temps do not fool me. Don’t trust those groundhogs either. Have not seen a blue bird yet!

Will most likely sleep most on this Sabbath.




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