School Drills

In 1962 there was this thing we did while in the fourth grade. The emergency bell would ring and the teachers would lead us into the hallways and we would sit and cover our heads with our hands.

This was practiced on a regular basis.

It was called Air Raid Drills!

This was during the Cuba Missile Crises when a nuclear attack was expected from the Soviet Union (USSR) short range nuclear missiles being set up in Cuba. I don’t know if the drills came about by a state or federal law that was passed or not.

Now today….

Bill would require Georgia schools to drill for armed intruders

From the article:

Gov. Brian Kemp will get to sign legislation he sought that would require schools to prepare for armed intruders.

House Bill 147 passed the Senate with broad bipartisan support Monday after Democrats tried and failed to amend it.

Kemp had asked state Rep. Will Wade, a Dawsonville Republican, to introduce the legislation, which encourages anti-gang training for educators. HB 147 also “modernizes” safety protocols, said state Sen. Mike Hodges, a Brunswick Republican, who carried the bill in the Senate.

Teachers, students and other school personnel already must do safety drills. The legislation would add school administrators to the list of mandatory participants. And in a nod to increasing gun violence, it would require “intruder alert” drills in all public schools by Oct. 1 each year.

The legislation would allow schools to force students to participate even if their parents object.State Sen. Jason Esteves, an Atlanta Democrat and a former teacher and Atlanta school board member, said such drills can trigger trauma in children. He asked for an amendment to require that schools let parents opt their children out of the drills. The legislation says schools “may” let parents decline to have their children participate. A handful of Republicans broke with their party to vote for the amendment, but it still failed….


Trigger Trauma?

Being on the brink of nuclear war and an attack by Russia, the main state of the former Soviet Union (USSR) who just happens to be at war with the second largest state of the former Soviet Union (USSR) – Ukraine, one would think the Air Raid Drills of 1962 would come back.

How things have changed!

For more images of my fourth grade past, go to:

School Air Raid Drills During Cuban Missile Crisis




  1. Tammi Kay says:

    I think it’s a great idea they are doing ‘fire drills’ to practice how to respond to active shooters. It’s sad that this world has come to it, but teachers & kids need to know what to do when trouble comes and be comfortable doing it. That said… Kemp is a slimey swamp dog who is so far up china’s butt that we can be sure his actions are him following orders from his shot callers. Seeing this article makes me worry there will be a school shooting in my state soon. Watching them shows us their patterns and they just love to practice their plans and predictive program the masses for their next act in this theater of war we are caught in. Kemp sold out all of us Georgia residents when he refused to look at the fraud and certified the pretender. Atlanta has gone downhill fast and it’s slowly starting to spread north to the mountains where I am. Thing is, the country folk up here won’t play those city games. Folks here will die protecting their family, way of life, and property.

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  2. Julia says:

    I remember this well. At that age it was fun……or so it seemed, since we had no idea why we had to sit under our desks. History repeats itself and here we are again since man cannot learn to not war against one another, fortunately God will intervene and war will not rear its ugly head again (Micah 4:3). Many Blessings.

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    1. eze33 says:

      While in the fourth grade I always looked up to see if there was a big flash in the sky. When going into the Navy after graduation in 72, I learned that getting under those wooden desks was rather foolish! About all one can do when seeing a big nuclear flash in the sky is to bend over and kiss butt good-bye. But when it’s all said and done, there is coming a huge flash in the sky which will be a welcome sight. And those weapons of war will be recycled into implements of agriculture, LOLGB+

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      1. Julia says:

        Amen Dear One!….. That ultimate flash will be the best sight to see, and although there will be utter devastastion it will be the beginning of an eternity of peace. Be Blessed.

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  3. Chuck says:

    Tammi Kay….unfortunately your comment can be said of all states, what happens in the cities does not play well in the rural areas. Liberals in the cities override the moral values of us country folk.


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