Humor Time – Staying On Track Doing Laundry Is a Gas

Many people will say that JB, you know – that sleepy headed – can’t tell a truth – get words out without a bit of drizzle – dozy-doze-off always tripping over his own feet – something or another in the White House dude always snapping off his SLA (Super Liberal Agenda), is full of something that puts off a gas that could be used for generating electricity for his beloved EMVs is now anti-LP gas stoves for those who prefer cooking with them.

Well, can’t do good chinese cooking without a high carbon steel wok without gas. A flat bottom telfon coated wok just doesn’t work well for good stir frys!

And for those who do their laundry at home…

From the article:

First it was gas stoves, now watch out for agenda against washing machines

Joe Biden has launched a new “green” battlefront against yet another appliance.

The Washington Examiner noted that his administration earlier attacked natural gas stoves in homes as threats to the environment.

As recently as this week, the fight was “reignited,” according to the report, as two federal agencies confirmed they are considering regulations that would, in essence, ban them.

“Instead of working to lower food prices for families and lessening inflation, the Biden administration’s priority is to target as many as 40% of Americans and arbitrarily ban their gas stoves,” charged Heritage Action Executive Director Jessica Anderson. “Biden’s Department of Energy has weaponized the federal rulemaking process to push a radical Green New Deal agenda that is neither affordable for American families nor based in science.”

And now a report in the Washington Free Beacon documents the Biden campaign against washing machines….


We know how he uses his washer for doing the cotton linen that the Fed uses for printing money!

Wonder if he uses LP gas to burn it?

Maybe he should ban trains since they are having a hard time staying on the tracks after that deal he brokered with the railroad Unions.


Remember East Palestine!


Post Blog Update

Funny thing happened 04/02/2…

This article came in e-mail:

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