Humor Time – Double Dip Biden

From the article:

…It seems that the Alzheimer’s Association, the California Central Coast Chapter, explains in a tract titled “Caregiver Tips & Tools: The Power of Ice Cream,” that, “Dementia…causes an increase in frustration with all kinds of events. It would be great if those afflicted could notice their feelings of frustration building up and then engage in self-soothing behaviors, as most of us would.”

However, they don’t have the awareness needed as dementia has “taken those coping skills away.” But ice cream is one of those “coping” aids….


Don’t need a “punch line”!

His mug photo twice and blog title says it all!

Good day!

LOLGB+, eze33

P.S. On a more serious note:

When people with dementia think of ice cream, they recall brighter, warmer days spent with family and friends. A single spoonful of ice cream can instantaneously soothe the soul. Whenever you get a new scoop, it stimulates pleasure receptors in the brain, erasing all the frustration-related unpleasant feelings.

Is Ice-Cream Good For Dementia? Let’s Find Out! – Your Dementia T…

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