A New Red Wave and A Blue Wave Crash?

There was a ” big red wave” in 2022, but mainly for locals. Big time national surfers just didn’t get on “board”. Yea, it’s a pun! But,…

A New Red Wave?

North Carolina Democrat switches parties giving Republicans veto-proof supermajority in state House

From the article:

North Carolina Republicans gained a veto-proof supermajority in the state House after a Charlotte-area Democrat announced Wednesday she was switching parties.

State Rep. Tricia Cotham, who won as a Democrat in her blue district last fall by nearly 20 points, said at a news conference in Raleigh that “the modern-day Democratic Party has become unrecognizable to me.”

“I am no longer a Democrat, but I remain a public servant, that is what I am called to do. The party that represents me and my principles and what is best for North Carolina is the Republican Party,” Cotham, wearing a red dress and surrounded by her new Republican colleagues, said outside the state GOP headquarters in Raleigh.

“I am a single mom of two amazing sons, a teacher, a small-business owner, a woman with strong faith, a national championship basketball coach, and a public servant. Today I add Republican to that list,” she said, noting that she had “been welcomed with open arms” by her new colleagues.

Cotham’s switch could have major implications for lawmaking in the Tar Heel State. Republicans already held a supermajority in the North Carolina Senate. Cotham’s flip gives them 72 seats in the state House – and enough votes in both chambers to override any veto from Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper….


Nothing could be finer…

Is good for my state!?!?

Republican Wins Open Wisconsin State Senate Seat, Giving GOP Supermajority and Added Impeachment Power


Republican Wisconsin state Rep. Dan Knodl won an open state senate seat in a special election on Tuesday, giving Republicans a supermajority in the state senate.

Knodl defeated Democrat attorney Jodi Habush Sinykin in the election for Wisconsin’s 8th state senate district, an area representing Milwaukee’s northern suburbs. Republican Alberta Darling had held the senate seat, but Darling decided to retire in December of last year, leaving the seat open after the 2022 election.

Before the 2022 election, Republicans held a 21-12 majority in the state senate, leaving them one seat shy of a supermajority. Republicans flipped one seat in the November 2022 election, which would have given them a 22-11 supermajority in the new state congressional session until Darling retired just weeks later, delaying those Republican supermajority prospects. With Knodl’s win on Tuesday, the Republicans will soon be able to exercise supermajority powers in the state Senate.

Supermajority Powers

With a supermajority, Republicans can now override a gubernatorial veto in the state Senate. A successful override takes a two-thirds vote in the Senate and State Assembly, and Assembly Republicans remain two seats shy of the 66 they need for a supermajority in that house….



Still 2 seats short!

And there’s that political mind meld!?!?

State legislators who have switched political party affiliation

From the BalletPedia page:

This page displays the state legislators who at some point in their career have switched their political party affiliation. The list is a work-in-progress and is not comprehensive. The page will be continually updated to track as many of these switches as possible.

As of April 2023, Ballotpedia staff have counted 169 state legislators who have switched parties since 1994. Ballotpedia has counted 48 state senators who have switched parties and 121 state representatives.

Number of state lawmakers who switched from Democrat to Republican: 80

  • State senators: 24
  • State representatives: 56

Number of state lawmakers who switched from Republican to Democrat: 23

  • State senators: 8
  • State representatives: 15

This information is not comprehensive. If you are aware of any instances we have missed, please email us at editor@ballotpedia.org.

Number of party switches by state…


Turn Coats and traitors?


Repentence from blindness?


More political mind melding?

It works both ways!


Kennedy has entered the race!

A Blue Wave Crash for JB?


Has the term “Conservative Democrat” been resurrected?

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Announces 2024 Presidential Bid

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., best known for his positions on environmental law and vaccine safety, filed the paperwork to run in the 2024 race for president of the United States on April 5.

He filed as a Democrat, according to a Federal Election Commission (FEC) filing.

“America is enduring an apocalyptic tribal polarization more toxic and dangerous than any time since the Civil War,” Kennedy told The Epoch Times exclusively following the filing of the paperwork.

“And while Democrats battle Republicans, elites are strip-mining our middle class, poisoning our children, and commoditizing our landscapes.

“I will focus my campaign, not on the issues that divide us but the values we have in common.”

Kennedy is the second candidate to declare a run for the Democratic nomination, joining Marianne Williamson.

Kennedy’s father, the late Sen. Robert Kennedy (D-N.Y.), was assassinated when running for the presidency in 1968. His uncle, President John F. Kennedy, was assassinated in Texas in 1963.

Kennedy signaled earlier in March that he planned to run.

“If it looks like I can raise the money and mobilize enough people to win, I’ll jump in the race,” Kennedy wrote in a Twitter post dated March 10. “If I run, my top priority will be to end the corrupt merger between state and corporate power that has ruined our economy, shattered the middle class, polluted our landscapes and waters, poisoned our children, and robbed us of our values and freedoms. Together we can restore America’s democracy.”…


Team Blue to get new Quarterback!?

Team Red may have two top contenders?!?

But there is…

Trump’s poll numbers skyrocket after indictment – here are examples

Can’t wait for the try-outs!

Would runner-up get #1 back-up position?

Would he take it??!!


Let’s play political Football!

Superpoll 2024

If it don’t get canceled!?!?

Reference Blogs:

Oh, surf’s up again!

…like never seen before!

Come out of Babylon for her judgement is near!

eze33, LOLGB+




Possible overturn with a Dem Lawyer?!?!


  1. backbaywoman says:

    I don’t see Trump winning 🏆
    What Democrats are doing to him is horrible—
    it’s a rouse to give cover to the real crimes committed by Biden Klan.
    Trump brings too much baggage and he is unattractive
    with constant rage against Ron DeSantis and others he did hire in his
    Administration. He will be79 in 2025
    RDS has excellent knowledge of the Law/Government and Military.
    Trump really lacks a lot — Ny eyes 👁 👁 are opened now.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. eze33 says:

      I’m actually tired of voting. https://theezekiel33watchman.report/2022/11/29/a-vote-of-no-confidence/
      There may not be a 2024 election. All politicians will cast the crown of their political pride at the feet of the coming King! There will be no election! We may be under martial law in a nuclear emergency with a suspended constitution and a time of trouble like the world has never seen. Have you seen the documentary Convergence? If not, the You Tube now has it. Go to “Missing Links – Appendix VI” in the main menu.


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