Black Horse Update – 04/18/23

Most folks today are worried about inflation. It is that thing that reduces the purchasing power of those cotton linen printed green backs that aren’t backed by anything other than the sweat of the brow. At least that is the way it is for the vast majority who actually work. The thing about that cotton linen that money is printed on is the ones that print it are a lot better off than the farmers that grow the cotton. That’s the thing about trickledown economics – the ones at the bottom put out the most sweat.

As inflations grows and more money is printed, hang on to those cotton undergarments in competition with the money printers!

From the 1440 Daily Digest E-Mail:

Fed Stays Course

The Federal Reserve said yesterday it would raise interest rates by a quarter point to a range of 4.75%-5.0%. Officials said the move was necessary to fight inflation, with consumer prices having increased more than 6% on a year-over-year basis every month since October 2021. The historical inflation target is around 2%.    It marks the central bank’s ninth rate hike over the past year and is the highest rate since 2007 (see historical rates). The increase comes amid a string of recent bank failures, the most high-profile of which was Silicon Valley Bank. Among other drivers, the institution purchased large amounts of US government bonds that traded at a discount as interest rates rose, leading to a liquidity crunch and, ultimately, a bank run.    The benchmark rate set by the Fed has a significant impact on the cost of borrowing for consumers, affecting everything from purchasing cars and homes to starting new businesses. See how the federal funds rate affects the broader economy here

dollar to lose %18 value in nest 18 months

From the 1440 Daily Digest:

US Hiring Slows

The US economy added 236,000 nonfarm jobs in March, down from the upwardly revised 326,000 jobs added in February and near economist expectations of 238,000, according to government data released yesterday. The total job growth was the lowest monthly gain since December 2020.     The unemployment rate fell to 3.5%; economists had predicted the rate to hold at February’s level of 3.6%. Average hourly earnings rose 0.3% month-over-month and 4.2% year-over-year. Most of the jobs in March were added in leisure and hospitality (72,000), primarily in restaurants and bars; government (47,000); professional and business services (39,000); and healthcare (34,000). The retail industry lost 15,000 jobs. See all data here.   Analysts say the latest labor force data show gradually slowing demand, which may encourage the Federal Reserve to pause its series of rate hikes to cool the economy and bring inflation down closer to its 2% target. The report comes ahead of next week’s inflation data as well as the Fed’s policy meeting in May, when it is expected to raise interest rates once again. 

Inflation 2023 forecast

When it comes to realities, the economic gurus are always conflicting!

The purchasing power of those cotton linen green backs is weakened and that means less food one can buy to keep their family feed. This is a type of famine that is caused by greed at the top! But there is also the type caused by natural weather conditions such as drought and flood. There are those that blame these on climate change caused by the sins of man against mother earth, but few if any will consider these things were prophesied. Is it is due to the sins of man against the creation or is it about the sins of man against the creator? (Isaiah 24:5)

The 2023 US wheat harvest will prove disappointing to USDA projections due to the planting conditions last fall. (See Black Horse Archives for months of September thru October.)

Can one trust the govenment today?

This spring has been hampered by warm mid-winter conditions and late-winter/early spring cold conditions, especially in the southeastern US. Peach trees bloomed early and were caught in late-winter/early spring frosts and freezes.

Georgia Peach Crop Outlook for 2023

Now I know why I was moved to stock up on canned peaches last fall.

I Like canned peaches in heavy syrup!

Although Georgia is “The Peach State“, North Carolina and South Carolina has also sufffered the same.

Did Georgia celebrate “Peach Drop” prematurely?

North Carolina 2023 Peach Crop Outlook After Early Bloom and Late Freeze

South Carolina 2023 Peach Crop Outlook After Early Bloom and Late Freeze

Southeast fruit impacts from March frosts

From the article:

With two freezing events in March after a very warm winter that got plants blooming almost a month earlier than normal, there was bound to be some damage. Fortunately, even though some orchards with early-blooming varieties of peaches were hit hard, later-blooming varieties were hit less hard and should produce a delayed crop. The decrease in the number of peaches overall plus the lack of early-blooming varieties mean that the harvest might be delayed this year and that prices are likely to be high. Fortunately, Georgia and Florida commercial blueberries were hit less hard and they were able to do frost protection. Here are some stories….


Most of the early varieties will suffer while the later season varieties will fair better, but the overall supply will be lessened. Other local main spring fruit crops such as strawberries have suffered slight damage, but coupled with inflation – expect higher prices. Blueberries are a later blooming fruit and suffered little, but with growing demand and inflation and overall global blueberry crop supply – expect higher prices.

20 World’s Largest Blueberries Producing Countries

North Carolina, Florida and Oregon top 3 US producers

I remember picking them in the 60’s for nickle a quart!

{I averaged little over 4 qts an hour. The girls were faster!}

There is always more optimism that pessimism with farmers because of being at the bottom of the food supply chain – all hope rests in the harvest. Of course the ones at the top are always optimistic because they will just jack the price of the commodity while the farmer usually ends up on the short end of the economic stick – along with the consumer.

Dependence in supply of fresh fruits and vegetables will become more localized as the end times progress.

Will there be food shortages in 2023?

A day’s wage for a measure of food? (Rev. 6:5-6)

Come out of Babylon for her judgement is near!

eze33, LOLGB+

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