TGIF Humor Time – How To Make Quick Compost

I have always had a compost pile nearby the garden. From grass clippings and leaves to banana peels and coffee grinds, plus everything else that is biodegradable. There was always a large population of earthworms in that compost pile. That is what they do – eat biodegradable waste at their entrance end and turn it into nutrient rich compost at their exit end.

And now, there is a way to speed up the process!

Drugs give biology’s favourite worms the munchies too

Roundworms exposed to cannabis chemicals get the ‘munchies’ — a persistent hunger for tasty food — just like people do, a study has found. When under the influence, Caenorhabditis elegans worms choose to feed for longer than normal, and show a stronger preference for their favourite high-quality foods over less nutritious options.

The study, published on 20 April in Current Biology1, suggests that the mechanism by which cannabis affects appetite evolved more than 500 million years ago, when the evolutionary paths of C. elegans and humans diverged. This commonality across the animal kingdom suggests that C. elegans could be used to study how cannabis affects the human nervous system.

“The more we know at a basic level about drug physiology, the more healthy our society will ultimately be,” says Shawn Lockery, a neuroscientist at the University of Oregon in Eugene who led the research....


Seriously, Really?

These types of studies receive Federal Grants hidden in those unread spending bills passed by your duly elected.

Of all the things that our spend happy government dishes out grants to study and/or research, everything anyone can conceive under the sun, there is a “gain-of-function” to this research.

Put some mulched pot plants in your compost pile, get the earthworms high to give them the munchies, and speed up their process of what goes in and what come out of them!

Would the THC rich compost grow some tomatoes with a buzz?

Not the kind of buzz that comes from the bee pollinating the flowers on the plant, but the kind that gets into the compost from those cannabis eating pothead earthworms making it so some really good compost can be put in your garden to grow your fruits and vegetables.

Only secondary problem is…

Garden pest insects would get the munchies too!


eze33, LOLGB+

P.S. Dear Uncle Sam (Or Samantha), There’s no need to study this any further, so, for my conclusions – please send my millions in grant money to the “Feed the Children” charity. Thanks!

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