TGIF Humor Time – The Mother of Invention

Necessity Is The Mother of Invention

Since electric cars need batteries made with materials that only China now mines and/or controls to make their batteries, due to the Neo-Nazi environmentalists who have shut down nearly all rare earth element mining in the USA, electric car ownership mandates being made, the electric grid being ignored and coal burning electric generating plants being shut down to all those wind turbines that are either freezing up and breaking down while solar farms are frying birds left and right, it is time for the mother of invention to come to the rescue of necessity.


The Model T Peddle Buggy

Comes in 2-peddle or 4-peddle drive. Detachable canopy optional. Comes with choice of solid or inflatable tires. (Solid rubber recommended.) Your choice on wood type and finish. Maximum speed varies with peddlers. Easy to park. Does not need recharging. Peddlers do! Zero emissions, unless peddlers recharge on dried beans. Packaged to your specifications. Assembly required! For mechanically inclined only. Call DIY. If no answer, reverse engineer from photo and DIY.

Before China does!

Then they will be available at all Walmart’s.

eze33, LOLGB+


  1. Love this
    This article presents an interesting and creative solution to the current issues with electric cars and energy production. The Model T Peddle Buggy certainly sounds like a fun and sustainable alternative.
    Great DIY Ideas

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  2. Julia says:

    I literally burst out laughing! Thank you. Blessings Always.

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