OH’ What a Wretched Soul I am

Precious Sheep Of Renown

Oh what a wretched soul I am my voice cried out as I kneeled in my closet before my God, King and Saviour.

Then the small quiet voice replied and said, you are a King and Priest redeemed by the blood of the worthy lamb. Go forth and make straight the way of your Lord. Open thy mouth and it shall be filled with my living words of life, love and the way.

You are encircled by my consuming fire and are in the palm of my hand and no one shall take you out of my hand. I command my angels concerning you and I prepare a table before you in the presence of our enemies.

In all the trials and tribulations that you face you will see me standing beside you in all my glory for I will never leave you, nor forsake you or leave you as…

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