The Ezekiel 33 Watchman Report

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Can you not see the signs in my design change?

Back in 1999

The “Can Money Talk?” pre-2020 essay was written in 1999 and put with the Photo image of the bills, but titled “Sign in the Design” and passed around locally. An article about the change was written and published in the Jacksonville Daily News, Jacksonville, NC in the Spring of 1999. (Lost my file, but should be in the news paper’s archives.) Later in 2008, I updated it and added it with the original Revelation countdown and passed it around locally. I was mocked by most, even when I folded a new 20 and showed them. It got the attention of a few people, but as usual people soon forget and just keep on keeping on. Kind of like the days of Noah, I guess. The following was originally written in 1999 on an old Brothers II Word…

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