LBGT War Update – 05/19/20

Been tied up this week in greenhouse and just got tractor out of shop and trying to catch up on some long overdue bush hogging. Caught up e-mails on this subject as it was raining this morning.

The war drags on from Navy ships at sea to bud light commercials on the tele. Now, recruiting and Budweiser beers sales are way down. Anybody surprised? Money talks in more than one language!

Too tired to take time for commentary, so here’s just the news. Some rather funny and some totally shocking. All outrageous!

Articles from 5/4 to 05/18 2023:

Scientific American Mag Publishes ‘Embarrassing’ Essay Claiming ‘Human Sex Is Not Binary’

From the article:

Scientific American essay deemed “embarrassing” and “pseudo-scientific” is facing backlash after insisting human sex is “not binary,” while arguing claims to the contrary “are not about biology but are about trying to restrict who counts as a full human in society.”

The Monday article authored by Agustín Fuentes, a professor of anthropology at Princeton University, bears the blunt title, “Here’s Why Human Sex Is Not Binary.”…


A professor not of biology!?!?

Nashville School Shooting Investigation Used to Identify Possible Accomplices: MNPD

From the article:

Top law enforcement officials with the Metro Nashville Police Department (MNPD), including the lead investigator in The Covenant School shooting case, have filed motions with the court to stop the release of the writings amid their “ongoing” investigation. In their court filings, law enforcement stated they believed the assailant Audrey Hale, who died on the scene, acted alone, but they “do not know for sure.”

“Even though the assailant died at the school, the criminal investigative file does not automatically, instantly close,” investigator Lt. Brent Gibson wrote in a court filing. “Investigators must still work to gather and analyze evidence in the case and determine if related crimes were committed, are being planned, or whether other people were involved.”

Gibson went on to say the Covenant investigation is expected to take approximately “12 months,” based upon the “volume of evidence and the number of persons to be interviewed,” along with officers working on a total of 46 homicide investigations in the city so far this year.

“For comparison purposes, an investigation for a murder-suicide case, where it appears ‘obvious’ what has happened, typically takes eight months,” Gibson added. “While we believe at this time that the assailant acted alone in this case, we do not know for sure. And we need to investigate the matter thoroughly, as we do in all homicides, to rule out any co-conspirators or additional crimes related to this matter.”…


Well, they catches up the e-mail backlog on the LBGT+ war. Sorry, no humorous commentary this time. Articles can be read by opening them.  Got some tomato plants to plug in one and three gallon containers.



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