TGIF Humor Time – What’s Your Pronoun?

Some people get so uptight these days about pronouns! Why do people have a “preferred pronoun” when they have a name? Everybody has one! It is asked for in just about everything we do along with that number every person has assigned to them at birth. [I wasn’t assigned that number at birth. Got it at age 16 when I wanted a job washing dishes at a restaurant!]

Nobody has ever asked me for my pronoun!


There only three…

he, she & it

The Trinity of Pronouns

There is only one pronoun in the Greek Language that was used to write the New Testament. It is the reflective pronoun: αὐτός – autos – the reflexive pronoun self, used (alone or in the comparative G1438) of the third person , and (with the proper personal pronoun) of the other persons.

Derivation: from the particle αὖ (perhaps akin to the base of G109 through the idea of a baffling wind) (backward).

KJV Usage: her, it(-self), one, the other, (mine) own, said, (self-), the) same, ((him-, my-, thy- )self, (your-)selves, she, that, their(-s), them(-selves), there(-at, – by, -in, -into, -of, -on, -with), they, (these) things, this (man), those, together, very, which.

Autos is translated either: he, she, him, her, his, hers, them, they, their/theirs & it/its in all the New Testamant of the Holy Bible.

If he or she dislikes what pronoun someone uses when referring to him or her or something that is his or hers thus hurting their feelings, then they can call them it and their hurt feelings its/theirs.  


It is correct usage in the English language when being gender or non-gender correct! But, let’s try that using the single Greek term “autos“.

If autos or autos dislikes what pronoun someone uses when referring to autos or autos or something that is autos or autos thus hurting autos feelings, then autos can call autos autos and autos hurt feelings autos/autos.


Maybe everyone could use the single Greek pronoun “autos” and save a lot of hostility and hurt feelings…

or –

shorten it up to just two letters…



eze33, LOLGB+

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