A Short Autoblogography

On The Farm, Me and My Dog Ginger 2020

After graduaing from high school at NHHS Wilmington, NC, I hitch-hiked around the country from North Carolina to New York, across country to Northern California then Southern California and back across to North Carolina during the summer of 1972. After four months home, joined the U.S. Navy in Janurary 1973 to see the world. Found out it was 2/3rds water. Must have fell asleep in geography class that day. Have always steered away from the worst of the storms of life thanks to the navigator of navigators. Thank you Lord!

Got out of Navy in 1978 and lived in California until 1985.

Moved back to North Carolina in 1985.

Me nieces and nephews 1990’s

The following is in Missing Links, Chapter XII, originally published 2008:

In 1988 I began taking some Bible courses offered by the Worldwide COG Ambassador College. I later requested the number and address of a local minister, but for some reason I delayed until 1992. When I did call, I received a cursing out, and what sounded like chaotic screaming of demons in the background. That scared me so much, I did little Bible study during the next seven years and did not really care for any kind of a church. In 1999 and after my conscience meltdown following 5 days on a civil jury, I found an advertisement about a Pentecost Feast service being held in a town about an hour and a half drive. It turned out to be a small splinter group from the Worldwide Church of God. It did not take long to get their account of what happened just prior to and after Armstrong’s death.

After the long drive became difficult, I began alternating between them and a closer Seventh Day Adventist group on Sabbaths. I soon learned about the history of the Miller movement in the 1800’s. I found some teachings of Ellen G. White to be biblically erroneous, and any other understanding was forbidden. Then the other group turned my re-baptism into a party. I felt disappointment by both and have remained to myself in independent study. I still believed that the Lord had something for me to do, but all I could see at the time was that which is written in scripture, Satan, which deceiveth the whole world. (Rev. 12:9) I began to dissect the Bible utilizing the Strong’s Concordance. (Acts 17:11; Zech. 11:15-16) Hungry for scriptural truth, I started my own Comprehensive Scripture Investigation or CSI.

Then in 1999, from my little book at the end of Chapter XII:

[2020 Revision Addition the 21st of August 2020]

The beginning of this little book goes back to January of 1999 when I was selected to the jury in a civil lawsuit against Harry Brown, owner of National Dodge, Jacksonville, NC, and now majority leader in the NC Senate. The trial took place while Clinton’s impeachment was before the Senate. I was fearful of being accused of perjury due to circumstances during jury selection. I went against my better judgement of the facts and voted with the other jurors. I was the last holdout. After returning home, I had a conscientious meltdown. It took some time to reclaim my sanity. By spring I was back to my gardening business.

It was later that spring while packing mustard greens for the local Piggly Wiggly, I heard Geese and went outside to see them. Five came from the north and as they were above me everything went into slow motion. I was elevated above the ground and my mind swelled as if receiving something. As they disappeared to the south two Dove came from the east, confirmed and disappeared to the west. I settled to the ground, then went back to work astounded. Then I heard the Geese again, went outside and as before was elevated. As they disappeared back to the north the two Dove flew from the west, confirmed and returned to the east. The spirit of the Lord moved me to an intense CSI-DOD during the next seven years. I began the little book in 2000. The visitation is what I now call the seven thunders.

(See “Cosmic Clockworks I” in main menu.) [2000 + 20 = 2020]

From Missing Links, 2021 revision of the book. This was my wake-up call on Passover 2020:

Appendix III

A Lunar Sign

During the week of Passover, I saw a sign from heaven, but not in the heavens itself. It was in the current calendar that we use today which is the Gregorian. It is a solar-lunar type based upon the solar-lunar Julian calendar, which was corrected by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582 because Easter just kept distancing itself from the spring EQUINOX. The Jewish calendar is a lunar type that is corrected every 3 to 4 years (7 times in 19 years) by adding a 29-day month (VEDAR) between ADAR and NISAN. This was to keep the spring plowing in line with the spring equinox; unlike the one the ancient Babylonians kept. Today, the Jews use two kinds of calendars: The Civil for kings (government), childbirth and contracts, and the Sacred for which the Lord’s festivals are computed. The civil begins with TISHRI (Sept-Oct) and the Sacred begins with NISAN (Mar-Apr). Our federal government’s fiscal year ends on October 30th. In November they begin another year of more borrowing and throughout the year borrowing more again and again – ∞ (infinity). There is no debt ceiling now. The sky is the limit!

It just happened this past week, that Passover Week (April 8-15) fell within the same week as the Pagan celebration to Astar (pronounced Easter) the goddess of fertility, which is called the “queen of heaver” by the prophet Jeremiah. This happens from time to time throughout the years, but this year is the first time that I can recall that the resurrection of Christ took place on the pagan Easter Sunday; however, IT WAS NOT IN THE MORNING! Biblical days are reckoned from sunset to sunset because the evening and the morning were the first day. The only way that I can think of in finding this calendar thing out is to ask the computer that played Jeopardy.

You will also notice that there was a full moon the night of April 7th, the night before Passover Day – Nisan 14. When I was looking at the calendar the morning of the nineth and remembering that it was last night that the Lord was betrayed, the full moon symbol appeared as a large red dot, similar to the black dot symbol for the moon’s conjunction. The Spirit of the Lord came upon me and instructed me to resurrect the little book I prematurely published in 2008 and begin editing and updating it for republication.

Also, when counting seven complete Weeks of Sabbaths following the Passover and High Day, there is a new moon (Conjunction) on the night of the 22nd of May, which begins the sixth Weekly Sabbath of counting. The Biblical New Moon is the first moon following the conjunction, which would be sunset the 23rd (Ascension Day) and Pentecost begins in 8 more days. Pentecost is always on the first day of the week. [7 × 7 = 49 + 1 = 50] (Lev. 23:15-16, Acts 2) The Roman Church just counts seven Sundays from Easter Sunday, which is only 49 days. That is just another one of their deceptions! BUT! Pentecost is May 31st this year!

I believe what Jesus said was the sign of his resurrection; that he would remain in the grave for three days and three nights (72 hours).  Passover began at sunset on April 8th and it was that evening Jesus instituted the wine and bread after the Passover meal. [The (this) that they were doing was the keeping of Passover and as often as they did (keep Passover); they were to do so in remembrance of Him. It was throughout that night and the next morning that He was betrayed, tried and beaten. Just after the noon hour He was crucified and died during the ninth hour (4:00 PM). He was placed in the grave by sunset on the 9th, which also begins the High Day or first of the seven annual Sabbaths. It was not the day before the Weekly Sabbath! Three nights and three days later (72 hours sunset to sunset) He arose! Where did he go during the dark hours that began the evening of the fourth day? It was light on the opposite side of the planet. Ever wonder why many Native Americans call their God the GREAT WHITE SPIRIT?

This year most people had to stay home from their festival of Easter eggs and bunny rabbits which are symbolic to fertility. Some ministers have defied the stay at home order and vow to take it to the Supreme Court. I suppose their constitutional right to assemble is more important than their eternal possibility. I think that the best thing to do while we have all this time on our hands is to pick up a Bible and start studying, then, think about social  distancing ourselves from the doctrines and traditions of men! It’s amazing what some folks have invented while staying at home.

Since April 10th, I have gone back to the little book written on a Brothers II Word Processor and published with a POD Publisher in 2008. In 2009 I had a Marine friend at Camp Lejeune reformat it for my sister’s ex-Windows 1998. The text was saved, but the format had to be literally raked back together. In 2012 I transferred it to my Uncle’s friend’s old Windows XP Home Edition and left it mostly alone for the next 7 years. At the age of 65 it is now on an HP Desktop with Windows 10 and I have internet access for the first time in my life (5-20-20). It will be republished by the same publisher soon. I’m working for my Lord now, but I’m no computer Geek.

I have seen a lot on TV about the COVID-19 virus. It seems that everyone has a theory on it. Some are wondering if it is the time of the end. It is most definitely the beginning of sorrows and the white horse (the first of four) has begun its ride. (Matt. 24, Rev. 6:1-2) Others claim it to be a Chinese retaliation to the presidents’ trade war. The United States and Great Britain are the birthright nations of the two sons of Joseph and along with the other eight lost tribes (Western Europe) they are the House of Israel in prophecy. Gog is China. (Ezek. 38:10-16)

It seems that the nations of the world have taken different approaches to battle this global pandemic. The one thing common among them, whether  recommended, required, or outright enforced is social distancing, which is a type of scattering (puwts – disperse – put distance between). (Is.24:1)

The birds are singing praises and the animals are dancing with joy, all unto their creator the Lord on high – the King of Kings, because he has cleansed the air of their heavens and opened the streets of their former domains. They give praise unto their creator with song and dance, and it is a joy within their heart that they see not the likes of man. Hearken unto the Lord your God ye men of the earth, for the days of his postponement are few!

******* LORD COME, AMEN! *******

Told myself long ago I’d never get internet or get on social media. My Lord made me eat those words Passover 2020. Got internet first time at age 66 mid-summer of 2020, then Facebook. Got a website/blog up and going with WordPress April 25, 2021. Still learning this tech stuff. Now have Facebook, MeWe, Gab, Parler, Twitter and Gettr to post blogs from website. Not a tech nerd – yet!