Sooner Than Expected

August 15, 2021 – Kubal, Afganistan was overrun. Its president had already fled the country and his whereabouts unknown at this time. (7:45 PM EST) The post “Twice in a Lifetime” was posted 7/21/2021. I did not think that it would happen this quickly. It was much faster than the South Vietnamese Army’s fall. TheContinue reading “Sooner Than Expected”


Most of us have seen the movies and maybe even the series. Scary! Right? Oh well, they were just for entertainment. Then again…? Friday the 13th has always been connected with bad things or at the least stranges things happening on that day, or night. Even the week following! One I recall is from JulyContinue reading “FRIDAY THE 13TH”

The Genesis Record

The Genesis Record Name Year born (BC) Year died (BC) Age (years) Adam & Eve 4131 (created) 3201 930 Seth 4001 3194 807 Enos 3896 2991 905 Cainan 3806 2896 910 Mahalaleel 3736 2841 895 Jared 3671 2709 962 Enoch 3509 3144 365 Methuselah 3444 2475 969 (Note 2) Lamech 3257 2480 777 Noah 3075Continue reading “The Genesis Record”

A Sabbath Message 1/7/21

Today is the day that the Lord made just for mankind (Mark 2:27)), that is male and female in the likeness and image of the God (Elohiym) who said “let us make man (mankind) in our (their)…”  on the sixth day of HIS (THEIR) workweek. (Genesis 1:24-31) “And (Then) on the seventh day God (Elohiym)Continue reading “A Sabbath Message 1/7/21”


Can you not see the signs in my design change? Back in 1999 The “Can Money Talk?” pre-2020 essay was written in 1999 and put with the Photo image of the bills, but titled “Sign in the Design” and passed around locally. An article about the change was written and published in the Jacksonville DailyContinue reading “CAN MONEY TALK?”

A Sabbath Message 7/31/21

Psalms 66 MKJV(i)1To the Chief Musician. A Song. A Psalm. Make a joyful noise to God, all the earth. 2 Sing forth the honor of His name; make His praise glorious. 3 Say to God, How awesome are Your works! Through the greatness of Your power, Your enemies pretend obedience to You. 4 All the earth shall worship You, and shall sing to You; they praiseContinue reading “A Sabbath Message 7/31/21”