A Black Horse Preview

As the black horse begins its ride this spring joining the red and white, reports are already sounding the alarm. In Revelation 6, the black follows the red which followed the white. (See “Missing Links – Appendix IV” in the main menu.) There can be a number of reasons that can cause food shortages besidesContinue reading “A Black Horse Preview”

Joseph’s Tomb Vandalized

Didn’t find out about this news until today (4/24/22) in the below article. Been busy getting spring garden going. Did not see it on the antenna TV news. The vandalism took place April 10, 2022. It just didn’t get all that much attention here in the USA due to the focus on Ukraine, inflation, covid,Continue reading “Joseph’s Tomb Vandalized”

Red Horse Picking Up Speed

As Russia’s war with Ukraine escalates, so does the saber rattling from China and Russia. Has NATO bit off more of the Commonwealth of Independent Nations that formed after the fall of the former Soviet Union (USSR) than the U.S. can chew? Now Sweden and Finland are seeking NATO membership. That only adds fuel toContinue reading “Red Horse Picking Up Speed”