Things In Tens

Many things come in tens. We have ten fingers, five on each hand, and ten toes, five on each foot. We get those right off the bat when born, except in rare extreme circumstances. There is the Top Ten List on almost everything under the sun. Then there are the Ten Amendments to the U.S.Continue reading “Things In Tens”

1984 + 2 JSTs

Remember the book and later the movie “1984” by George Orwell? [Often confused with Orson Wells.] The “Ministry of Truth” controlled what one spoke and thought. Well, Washington State has introduced legislation toward those ends. From the article: … being offered in Washington State that is, in fact, nothing more than a “state-level ‘Ministry of Truth.’”Continue reading “1984 + 2 JSTs”

Black Horse Update – 02/28/23

Red Horse aids Black Horse Although wheat is being harvested somewhere in the world in any given month, harvest in the temperate zones occurs between April and September in the Northern Hemisphere and between October and January in the Southern Hemisphere. Wheat in the worldB.C. Curtis From first article of site: Wheat is special in several ways.Continue reading “Black Horse Update – 02/28/23”

LBGT+ War Update – 02/23/23

Darth Vader waves the rainbow flag… & Then there was the Grammys! From the article: …full of overtly Satanic artistic motifs, including devil horns, BDSM-style bondage, cages, and lots of red latex and flames. The outlet has obtained 18 complaints filed with the agency by viewers who took issue with the suggestiveness, as well as the “DEVIL WORSHIPINGContinue reading “LBGT+ War Update – 02/23/23”