Another variant has evolved from the dredges of The Scamdemic. (See “Covidgate – A Scamdemic Coverup” in archives.) The original, whether manmade or not, was COVID-19 because it broke out in late 2019. (See Cosmic Clockworks II” in main menu.) OR, it could have been released to set the stage for the final “merry-go-around” ofContinue reading “OMICRON”

A Sabbath Message 11/27/21

Was thinking this week about all the “liberalism” that has taken hold of society as a whole and the imposition of its liberal ideas in the public arena. The things being taught in the public schools as requirements in the name of “inclusion” while once held requirements in the basics of reading, writing and arithmeticContinue reading “A Sabbath Message 11/27/21”

Happy Thanksgiving

As winter approaches, Thanksgiving Day is a day to be thankful for the year’s bounty and blessings. I give thanks every day, but this day after the fall’s harvest is special. Locally the harvest has been a good one and one of the best in cotton in a good number of years. The spring wheatContinue reading “Happy Thanksgiving”

A Red Horse Update

The red horse has been easy so far on our (USA) side of the planet. Been pretty busy on the other side with unrest growing in Australia, New Zealand and Western Europe. Mask and vax mandates along with shut downs are the base causes of taking peace from the earth as many people are justContinue reading “A Red Horse Update”

A White Horse Update

This article is based on the fact that the adverse side effects reported by the CDC not only show that the numbers are greater in current human trial studies, they’re under-reported to CDC and there is even evidence that some of the reported numbers have been altered or erased. The vax is still under emergencyContinue reading “A White Horse Update”

Innate and Adaptive Immunity

Innate immunity begins during gestation and continues at childbirth with the first drink of mothers milk. It is part of Father God’s unique design when he created us. Adaptive immunity is acquired as we grow and come in contact with various diseases. (Adaptive immunity is often called Acquired Immunity.) There are childhood diseases that liveContinue reading “Innate and Adaptive Immunity”

Connecting Some Missing Links

After posting “Luciferase” yesterday, I woke up thinking about cholesterol and then something clicked and there was a chain reaction. greasy ease > luciferase > bioluminescent tracker > die markers > fertility > DNA damage. (See Segment on Highwire Episode 241 in “The Webs They Weave” posted 11/16.) Went back over some things and gotContinue reading “Connecting Some Missing Links”