Murder For Hire – 911???

Swatting is a practice where someone calls police or 911 and reports some type of crime that would require an immediate response by police in a SWATT type of response. Usually, the false report is some drug activity, beating, or an assault. Pranksters think it’s funny. Police and Law Enforcement DO NOT! It is actuallyContinue reading “Murder For Hire – 911???”

Two Thirds

Two Thirds of 435 Is 290 According to the Constitution, it takes two thirds of the Congress to override a Presidential veto. It also takes two thirds of the congress or states to purpose an Amendment to the Constitution, but 3/4 of the states have to ratify it before it becomes part of the Constitution.Continue reading “Two Thirds”


How a Registered Independent Sees Things Things are not always as they seem! We’ve all heard that before, and in most cases, more often than not, it is absolutely true. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then by the design of God Almighty, it is aContinue reading “APEARANCES”

A Red Horse Revelation?

Will third time be a charm? A Baby Boomer’s Recollections Once upon a time, there was a separation of powers in a Constitution of a Republic that claimed to be “One Nation under God”. [There was a sign in the design in 1999 of something everyone trusted.] Over the course of time, compensation for servicesContinue reading “A Red Horse Revelation?”