One Down, Two To Go

VARES has deaths linked to the other two also, along with many other serious side effects that will soon prove to be true and not just conspiracy theory. And the other two are a lot bigger and much richer that J&J! The bigger they are the more difficult the fall, but great shall be theirContinue reading “One Down, Two To Go”

A Fool’s Auction

Itchy ears are always looking to get scratched with smooth words easy to listen to and come in agreement with their personal philosophically trained sense of hearing. Having to sacrifice anything they are accustomed to or just simply grownig complacent with only the satisfying convenience of lifestyle, seems too much of a burden to bear.Continue reading “A Fool’s Auction”

Missing Links – Chapter XII

Chapter XII   The Ultimate Reality We are presently living in an inept world of inequality and confusion. The opposing dualisms of good or evil, morality or immorality, and righteousness or wickedness have become a blending of black and white causing a dense gray fog obscuring the light in which truth and justice resides. The globalContinue reading “Missing Links – Chapter XII”

Missing Links – Appendix I

Appendix I Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels wrote the Communist Manifesto in 1847. The following are its ten basic platforms as generally applied to the most advanced countries. [American’s implementation] (1) Abolition of property in land and application of its rents to public purposes, [ The property tax, HUD, and Public Housing] (2) A progressiveContinue reading “Missing Links – Appendix I”