Black Horse Update 11/02/2022

The black horse follows the red and white as food shortages follows pestilence and war. As these three escalate, sorrows become tribulation and escalates. More violence will erupt as inflation spirals out of control and food shortages increase. People without enough food will be more susceptible to pestilence and so on and so on. SomeContinue reading “Black Horse Update 11/02/2022”

Red Horse Update 11/01/2022

Drill, Drill, Drill, what are they drilling for? Just as the US and NATO’s “Steadfast Noon“ nuclear drills get started, Russia is kicking of their “Grom” (which translates to Thunder) nuclear drills. (See Red Horse Update 10/17/2022 in Red Horse Archives in main menu.) Steadfast Thunder at Noon! Impeccable Timing!?!? Putin begins nuke drills amidContinue reading “Red Horse Update 11/01/2022”

They Want Your Children!

Ever heard the expression: “Easy as taking candy from a baby.” Well, it’s just as easy, if not easier, to take your children away using candy or something just as good, like a couple of hundred bucks. These rainbow people want your children on their side of the rainbow, but the yellow brick road isContinue reading “They Want Your Children!”